Talking DIRTY

This is the DIRTY time in the country folks. Nope I am not talking about Vidya’s DIRTY act from The Dirty Picture anymore, but rather am feeling relieved that the country has opened up and is giving liberty to be DIRTY AND TALK DIRTY. So, why be I left behind? I will too join the party and react to those who are talking Dirty.
First and foremost, the combo of Mahesh Babu and Puri Jagannadh. They seem to have received a lot of complaints from the Mumbaikars about their own urination problem. And they set out on a task to make Mumbai urinate. Some people are already saying that the duo have set up a business in this trade and the coming movie, “The Businessman” showcases their business. Don’t worry Puri, Mumbai has a lot to offer for Dirty entrepreneurs like you.
Secondly, the handsome hero of Band Bajaa Baarat, Ranveer Singh. He seems that he is no more a hot property minus Anushka Sharma and is routinely taking up her name in the promotion of his new film, “Ladies V/s Ricky Behl” though she is not related to the movie. Wonder what the heroines of this movie would be feeling at this Dirty trick?

Thirdly, the crusader of the masses, Anna Hazare. Annaji, you are becoming a bore these days and all those surrounding you are getting involved with a lot of dirty things and you don’t seem to realise that. Please before jumping on to proclaim the Government as Dirty, remove the dirt from your followers. We are ready to follow you.

Next in line comes the ever-sparring duo of Chandra Babu Naidu and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. I can’t be dirty about them, they are far too dirty for me to comment. But guys, have you realised that you both are in the opposition and you need to fight a Government which is at best laughing at both of you going to get each other?

And next, Harish Rao and his remarks about the present power situation and the impact on Telangana. We need something really Dirty, Harish. This is all tape recorder stuff.

Finally, the RBI governor Subba Rao who does not think even twice when it comes to increasing the interest rates, announced that RBI would do nothing to control the depreciating rupee. Ayyo, Sir! We did not ask you to decrease the interest rates, just regulate the happenings.

Among these dirty fellows, there is one decent fellow who did a Decent thing, infact a very proud thing for all of us, Rahul Dravid. He gave a lecture at the Bradman memorial in Canberra, Australia and made the world sit up and think about what sport actually means.

Kudos for all of you who beared with my DIRTY talk

Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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