RA.ONE: No heart, no human touch!

Good should win over Evil! That is the only mantra over which all of our society is based on. It is the same all across all continents and all of the humanity. Every parent wishes to inculcate the same to his child. No matter how cool and kickass the evil looks like and behaves like, the GOOD ONE should always win. That is the root principle of Shahrukh Khan’s magnum opus, RA.ONE. But how successful was SRK in his endeavour to woo the kiddie class of audience with this sci-fi thriller? Let us examine in detail.

Shekar Subramaniam (SRK) is a goofy South-Indian game developer who is settled in London having a beautiful wife in the form of Sonia (Kareenna), a Sardarni who wants to write a thesis on the cuss words of Indian languages, but can’t differentiate between Condom and Konjam (meaning little in Tamil). Their world revolves around their 10 year old son, Prateik (Armaan) who is always lost in the world of x-box and playstation games with the alter-name of “Lucifer.”

The son hates his father for being too goody-goody. He brands his father as a coward who cannot even fight a kiddo thief looting them. He tells his father that Bad is cool and hip. He decorates his room with evil characters. He plays pranks with his school-mates and takes joy in making fun of them. Shekar always tries to counsel his son over the virtues of being good but Prateik does not heed and always slams the door on him. He roots for being bad and tells his dad to develop a game where a villain is all-powerful.

Shekar believes that he has to jump fences and to be friends with his son, he has to tread the path chosen by son and develops a game in which, the villain is the dangerous ever and is very hard to beat. He is Evil to the core and is equal to ten villains in one. Likewise he is christened as Ra.One aka Raavan. To counter the evil Ra.One, a hero in the form of G.One aka Jeevan is created and is modelled on the creator of the game, Shekar.

All is fine till the launch of the game, after which Ra.One takes his own form and emerges out of the digital world into the real world where his villainy is real and he is in search of someone who defied him in the first play. Ra.One takes various forms and his first victims happen to be the developers of the game itself, Shekar and his colleague. How can any one stop Ra.One? Is Ra.One indestructible and should the world be wary of him?

Don’t jump to conclusion after reading the story. Ra.One should be seen on screen. But the way this beautiful story is put on screen virtually kills whatever the joy we would have watching a super-hero decimate a wicked an all-powerful villain. In fact, the execution is so juvenile that at no point of time would you connect with the story being projected on screen. That conflict between a father and son over good and evil, which actually is that human touch in the story,  never blooms and what comes out is some silly adult jokes in a very children’s movie. And added to that the scenes which make SRK to look like a nerd, really mock South-Indians, particularly tamilians. Those jokes were really in bad taste and would not cut ice anywhere. Whoever asked SRK to play a tamilian with an equally bad tamil accent should be given some rap on the knuckles.

The director and story writer of the film, Anubhav Sinha should forget Ra.One as a bad dream where he had nothing to do other than should “action” and “cut”. There is no material to be directed there and just some random action sequences in some video games and some more emotional sequences from previous SRK movies. Also for any movie, the climactic portions should elevate the proceedings to an all-time crescendo, but the climax here is self-indulgent and very pathetic with some silly jokes thrown in. Accepted that this story is inspired from Shankar’s “Robot” but Anubhav could have done away the inspiration scenes like the train sequences and the fight at the airport. At which airport in India do you have anti-social elements eyeing a lady? Which south-Indian party shall have half-clad women gyrating to some music? There is no logic but the intelligence of audience is very much abused here. A very bad job.

The villain of the film Ra.One or Arjun Rampal is a treat to the eyes but comes in the last half hour of the movie. He does not enthrall enough though he looks menacing with a bald pate. The director should have gave more flesh to his character and the story would have been much better and awesome. The real conflict between good and evil never develops. Arjun scores in his performance as the titular character but it is the director who falters to etch a better character.

What was Kareena Kapoor doing in this movie? Was she fed up playing love-struck roles such that she suddenly played a role of a mother for a 10-year old kid? She looked underaged and not interested in the proceedings. Adding to the pathetic role, she also looked flabby and her clevage popping dresses did not endear herself to anyone. Sahana Goswami is much talented actress than this.

We have to speak about SRK. Ain’t we? What happened to you King Khan? Are you so insecure that you have lost your mind and have concentrated on some silly jokes rather than ensuring that there some heart in the movie, like most of your movies? Or are you threatened by your co-stars who are delivering hits after hits, that you are trying that very hard to keep your reputation secured? All in all you have given a very bad movie and even if your movie collects money, rest assured that you will not find this one on the most remembered movies of all time.
Everything about Ra.One is bad and corny except for some cool VFX. The team has done a good job of producing some thrills but that just is not enough.  There is one thrilling moment in the film when Rajnikanth appears in a cameo as CHITTI the ROBOT. The crowd roared and kept on roaring seeing the SUPERSTAR. Other than this SRK can safely say that he lost a 175 crore gamble with this film.

Ra.One is such a bad movie, that it deserves not even One as a rating. The only cool thing about this film is the teaser of Don-2 which looks dashing and appealing. So in that Don lingo I would dare say, “RA.ONE KO HIT BANANA MUSHKIL HI NAHIN, NAAMUNKIN HAIN.” Need I say more than that?

Krishna Chaitanya.


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