Proud to be an Indian

Do you remember on which day you were so proud that you are an Indian? When was the last time when you forgot that you belong to a linguistic group, a particular region, a so-and-so religion, so and so minority group, this and that department worker, high and low class and here and there place?

Yes, the days are very few when I, myself have been proud to say that I am an Indian. 

Daily, I see the filth filling around me. 
Daily I see the greed of the officials eyeing my pocket to dig deep and to draw that last penny out of it. 
Daily I see some random terrrorist blowing away bombs and killing my brothers by the dozens. 
Daily I see my officialdom harping about the intelligence failures in intercepting those terrorist threats.
Daily I see the labourers around my locality working hard for that little money and later on squander it over a bottle of liquor. 
Daily, I see the crowd filled roads which screams in silence “I have had enough”, but to no respite. 
Daily, I see the religious hatred, regional hatred, linguistic hatred being spread throughout the breadth of my country. 
Daily, I see psychological violence onto the minds of the citizenry in the name of dramatic soap operas, political soap operas being thrust on to the living rooms.
But still I am made to believe that I am happy in this country.

Yes, the real moments of happiness for being an Indian are very few, like when a musician brings the Oscar, when the Indian team lifts the World Cup and some man with spectacles becomes the champion of the 64-square board. But these moments are very few and very rare.

But why do I want to sing aloud “Jana gana mana” whenever it is played? Why do I get so happy when “Vandemataram” is sung? Why do I get goosebumps when someone else criticises my country and get an adrenaline rush so as to smack his face and say that I am proud of my country, India?

Yes, my country is not devoid of problems. It has plenty of them. Still, I would place my faith in the populace of my country to get over them and announce to the world that we are strong. We will overcome whatever the doubts you have over us. We shall work together and jump over those hurdles which we have created for ourselves. Yes, I am an Indian and am proud to be an Indian and proud to be in India.

Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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