Pilla Zamindar: Hilarious and Engaging

Finally, there is one film at the turnstiles, which can be called as a genuine telugu film without pretensions. At last, there is one honest attempt at creating good cinema that too a cinema which has a story to tell. Sure, there are glaring flaws which come in the narrative as speedbreakers but while coming out of the theater, if you remember the smooth ride rather than the speedbreakers, then the director and the producer should heave a collective sigh of relief and laugh all the way to the bank.

“Pilla Zamindar” the latest film whch hit the telugu screens today is an honest attempt and comes as a breath of fresh air, for it believes in its story and showcases the coming of age of a wayward rich youth metamorphasising into a responsible citizen who believes in structuring the society with proper values. This Nani starrer is sure to be one of the talked about movie for the days to come as it provides abundant entertainment and also gives a sugar coated message which was very much needed.

Praveen Jayaramaraju alias Pilla Jamindar alias PJ (Nani) is a pampered grandson of a Zamindar (Nagineedu) who hates to study. He is one brash youngster who ill-treats everyone around him showing his money power. The workers in his household face the brunt of his actions. There is a rider to his riches as his deceased grandfather has left a WILL which stipulates that PJ has to complete his graduation in a particular college and stay in a particular hostel to be eligible to claim the property which is worth around 5000 crores. The onus is now on PJ to complete his education and claim his property. Will he do it? What are the obstacles which prevent him from achieving his goal? The answers for these form the remaining part of this entertainig film.

“Pilla Zamindar” is Nani’s show all the way. The young actor is improving with each and every film and he carries the film entirely on his shoulders quite ably. He brings in believability to the character of PJ and shows his versatality in few scenes. The scenes which stand out are his PUNISHMENT scenes. His amazing comic timing and great dialogue delivery elevate his character. Nani might soon become a bankable star on his own might with this film.

Rao Ramesh who plays the role of Rajanna, the Principal cum Warden of the College takes the honours once again with his matured performance. He brings that emotional quotient into the film and suits to the character to the tee. It is a pity that Tollywood is not utilising properly this amazing actor. Avasarala Srinivas plays a friend of Nani and does a good job.

Haripriya and Bindu Madhavi play the female leads though their presence seems to be contrived for convenience. The main heroine, Haripriya seems to have been shortchanged in this film, and it appears as if the editor has forgot to add her scenes and character into the movie and left the footage on his editing table. Still, the actress has good presence and shines wee bit once.

Coming to the direction of the film, Ashok did a good job of keeping the mood of the film with its entertainment quotient in tact. He had a story which is said to be inspired from some Korean film and did a decent job with it by changing it to suit the nativity. The film appears to be happening in a village nearby and the emotional bond increases even more once hooked like that. The director had brought in locations which appear realistic and scored with them. He used sentimental and comic scenes of MS Narayana in an amazing manner. The veteran comedian for once shed that comedian tag and brought out the real performer in him.

But as we mentioned earlier that there are some speedbreakers in the smooth flow of the film, there are some loopholes in the presentation of the movie which make the audience squirm sometimes with regards to certain points. For instance, the election scenario which occupies most of the second half is thudded onto the audience without any announcement. Another important failure of the director is the failure to develop the love track between the lead pair and it is taken as granted at certain points of time. The editing is uneven as some characters seem to jump in and out of the flow of the movie in an uneven manner without providing enough clues about their whereabouts. Whether the clues are left on the editor’s table or else left out of the director’s consciousness is not clear.

The music (Selva Ganesh) of the movie is nothing to rave about but the background score elevates some scenes. The entertaining usage of all-time classic songs brings the house down some times. The dialogues (Chandrasekhar) are first rate, one dialogue which catches attention is “OKA SARI GELISTE EMAVUTUNDI? GELUPU NINNU PRAPANCHANIKI PARICHAYAM CHESTUNDI, ADE OKKA SAARI ODIPOYI CHOODU, AA OTAMI NEEKU PRAPANCHANNI PARICHAYAM CHESTUNDI.”

Watch Pilla Zamindar and entertain yourself with a pure laughter and yes it is a clean entertainer, so take your family along. Entertainment guaranteed.

Krishna Chaitanya.


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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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