Agitation, Enquiry, Fast: For TV

What is happening in our country? Are these happenings for real or am I just watching a soap opera in fast forward mode? But somewhere the sceptic in me cautions me and tells me that all this was planned and may be it is just to douse the roused spirit of the common man with regards to corruption. 
Yes, the common man said “enough is enough” and raised his voice against the political sharks and aligned himself with the timely movement of the “Jan Lokpal” (though I have my own set of reservations with the TEAM ANNA as well). Since then all hell broke loose. One politician after the other is being arrested on the charges of corruption and is being put behind the bars. Read out the list and assess for yourselves,
1. Kanimozhi and A Raja for 2G spectrum scam.

2. Suresh Kalmadi for the Commonwealth Games scam.

3. Gali Janardhana Reddy for the illegal mining scam through OMC.

4. Amar Singh for the cash for votes scam.

And added to these, YS Jagan is put in dock by the CBI over the alleged malpractices in amassing wealth.

How did the UPA of today suddenly got wings to act against these bulwarks which it avoided all these days? Or is it suddenly that our PM realised that he needs to do something to put back the lost trust back into our democracy? Incidentally, all this hullaballoo has been happening when the Queen of India, Sonia Gandhi is away in the US recuperating from a surgery.

But thinking deep, a portion of mine tells me that all this may just be an eyewash as public memory is too short. Give them something everyday to ogle over the Television. The visuals which are brought into the living room are greatest source of revenue for the TV channels as well as the Government. So make the people ogle at the TVs. Who cares whether the cases lodged by the UPA are brought to their logical end or not? All that matters now in the present day is the present scam and the present politician.

My bet is that people have already forgotten that there were three powerful blasts which shattered Mumbai just three weeks ago and there is one more blast in the High Court of Delhi just this morning.

Everything is televised. Even your memory. Just live this moment and forget as soon as you turn off your Television. As simple as that. If you think it is for real then wake up from ur dream, you might have been fooled over.
Krishna Chaitanya

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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  1. Anonymous

    Now add the Sakalajanula Samme to this list above events.. You get a great soap opera… Way to go Indian television

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