Kandireega: Stung by bad habits

For a change, a straight Telugu film became a Hit. It was also being said that this telugu film might emerge as one of the top grossers when statistcians sit to release the top of the charts list. Hearing all that and expecting that we were going to be for a real Telugu treat, but alas, what we got was that same routine story we have been seeing for ages and ages together. Kandireega is that same routine film which you might have seen zillion times earlier and be sure that these kind of films are bound to stay for even longer time.

Rather than going for an analytical review of this film “Kandireega” we would rather talk about some die-hard habits of Telugu cinema which were accumulated by the courtesy of some ‘idiot’ic films which were raging successes. These habits do not seem to be fading away any-time soon. Let’s see what are the bad habits:

1. The hero of a telugu film should be a wayward individual who normally is seen as a burden to the society. But it differs when that individual is a Telugu cinema hero. Though he is rash, brash, eccentric and irresponsible, he is a hero. This hero always recites many poems of his own abilities. By the end of the film, he becomes a master at singing his own praises. Often it is the villain who is the victim of his poems and praises. So in that manner, the hero scores mental victories over the villain before achieving the near-impossible physical victories.

2. The villain of a telugu film is a bad man, read again , the VILLAIN IS REALLY BAD. He is such BAD that the heroine is perennially in fear of him as he has set his evil eyes on her. But this REALLY BAD VILLAIN is in constant fear of the hero. May be he believes that the hero can be A BAD VILLAIN too. That is why our BAD VILLAIN maintains a really LARGE gang to counter the hero and give him some target practice. After all the practice, our HERO becomes ready for attack. To ward off the trained hero, the villain does muster the support of yet another bigger villain.

3. This BIGGER AND BADDER VILLAIN is even more dangerous than the original BAD VILLAIN. But this BIGGER AND BADDER VILLAIN has a heart of gold and has some ideals which even the hero does not want to offend at. This BIGGER AND BADDER VILLAIN should always have somebody to love at. Either a daughter, sister, mother, brother or a wife or at least a friend.

4. Another bad habit is that the heroine is always in college and the hero comes to college just to look at her and chase her and challenge the BAD VILLAIN.

5. The hero is always surrounded by few comedians whom he slaps hard at will. If he does not slap, he would make them look stupid. If even that fails then he is unfit to be a Telugu hero.

6. Another great bad habit is the way the heroines behave. They should either be scared of the BAD VILLAIN or else be seen as lusting for the HERO.  And wait, a single heroine will not be enough as the HERO has to be lusted by another woman as well. So if you throw in another heroine, that is desirable. If you can get a vamp to lust the hero, then even more better. But sadly, that is not the case always.

The telugu cinema rotates around these habits. And if you have earlier noticed any of these traits in other films, then you have seen and enjoyed “Kandireega” to the hilt. After that, it is your take whether to see the film or not. No wonder, the tamil/malayalam/english films dubbed into telugu are making a killing with their superior stories and screenplays.

Coming to the performances and techinical details, come on, do you care reading further? It is better to sign off now itself,

Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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