Magadheera two years later

The film which defined the success parameters of Telugu cinema, “Magadheera” is completing 2 years of its release. Recently the dubbed Tamil version was released as Maaveeran and even it secured a huge success with respect to dubbing films.  Everything now related to this film is being talked about as a folklore. The songs, “bangaru kodi petta,” “panchadaara bomma” and “Dheera dheera” have topped the song requests of FM channels. The ialogues which were shared between Ram Charan and Sri Hari are often talked about. 100 men fight of the film is the one which gave goosebumps to the audience and created an aura around the film. Magadheera created an awe of success which was often related to films of yore.

The success story of Magadheera is one to remember that it inspires film makers to think big. Here I share the review of mine which I did for www. Just wanted to share my review again with you all.
The film is the most talked about from the past two years. The director is coming with his seventh movie after his six previous films were great successes at the box-office. And added to that the hero of the film is none other than the Crown Prince of Tollywood who is waiting for his official coronation as the King of Tollywood. A film coming from the two of them is bound to create a sensation even before its release. Did the current release of Allu Aravind production “Magadheera” match the huge expectations surrounding it? Did Charan do justice to his two roles? Most of all can Rajamouli continue his success spree? The answer for these questions is “Yes.”

The film starts in the year 1609 in Bhairavakona. We see Kalabhairava (Charan) being pleaded by Princess Mitravinda (Kajal) on her dying condition to accept his love for her. Before Bhairava expresses his love, Mitra dies. Bhairava too dies by jumping from the cliff. Sher Khan (Sri Hari) an all-conquering king prophesies that Bhairava‘s valour in defending his country was unmatchable and he would take birth again to reclaim his love.
The scene shifts to 400 years later, i.e, 2009 in which a young bike racer, Harsha (Charan) makes an appearance. He does daredevil stunts while participating in bike races and adventure sports. Harsha gets a tinge of his past when he accidentally touches Indira (Kajal). Harsha wants to know of the girl but Indira manages to play hide-n-seek with her identity before revealing herself to him.
In the meanwhile, Indira‘s cousin Raghuveer (Dev Gil) sets his evil eye on Indira. He had already usurped their ancestral property of Udaigarh fort and wishes to get Indira by hook or crook. But when he tries to touch Indira he feels a presence of a warrior chopping his head off. When Raghuveer consults an astrologer Ghora (Rao Ramesh) about the premonition then he gets to know of his past.
Raghuveer learns that he is the reincarnation of Ranadeb Billa who yearned for the possession of Princess Mitravinda and got killed by a warrior named Kala Bhairava. He also learns that Kala Bhairava too took birth in the present life and that their rivalry will continue for the love and possession of Mitravinda who is none other than Indira herself.
Raghuveer manages to create tensions between Harsha and Indira and whisks his cousin away to the fort of Udaygarh. Then Bhairava remembers of his past about how Ranadeb created a plan to separate him and Mitravinda and how he was killed by the treachery of Ranadeb.
With the past coming back to him and making his priorities clear, it is time for Harsha/Bhairava to settle his scores with Raghuveer/Ranadeb and claim the love of Indira/Mitravinda once again. How did Harsha achieve it forms the remainder of the story.
Ram Charan proved his mettle as an actor. He was impressive as a warrior and was equally good as a loverboy. But he needs to develop his diction of Telugu. Kajal as Mitravinda looked as a real Princess. She gave in an authentic performance and looked gorgeous as Indira who plays pranks with Charan. This can be called as a dream role for Kajal.
Sri Hari as Sher Khan proved that he is an actor who can never be underestimated. His acting elevated the flashback episode. His verbal duel with Charan captures the mass pulse and makes a great watch. Also Sri hari‘s appearance as Salomon in the reincarnation takes the loudest applause from the audience. Main villain Dev Gil as the villain is adequate. Ravi Shankar who dubbed for Sonu Sood in Arundathi dubbed for Dev too. Rao Ramesh did the role of astrologer Ghora and stands out with his acting variations. It was a nice effort from him though his screen presence was very small. Sarath Babu, Surya, Shekar, Sunil, Brahmanandam were all good for their short roles.
Director SS Rajamouli did a good job of weaving a screenplay which can be called as gripping. There is never a boring moment in the proceedings. Though the story given by Vijayendra Prasad has logical loopholes, Rajamouli covered them with intelligent screenplay. Full marks to him to have met the huge expectations. The only sore point in this film is lacklustre music given by MM Keeravani. The music was of average quality and needed good padding of visuals.
“Magadheera” is a technical marvel. The film‘s visuals capture public imagination like no other. Cinematography by KK Senthil Kumar was of top notch quality. He has added one more feather in his cap after Arundathi. He was ably supported by the Firefly team who contributed their part with graphics and other technical stuff. Ravinder R contributed heavily with his art direction. The costumes department was praiseworthy as well.

Final Word 
“Magadheera” is a film which meets expectations of the audience. A critic may frown upon the loopholes of the script but who cares about the holes when the film offers “wholesome entertainment”.
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