Nanna: A joyful experience of tears

 What a joy it is to feel emotions! What a joy it is to have tears which come out of feeling emotions! What a joy it is when a film which ought to entertain you, educates you and tells to you, “Yes, You are a human indeed and I will allow to cry.” Well, for once, I am very proud to say that I cried and I am even proud to say that a film has made me cry and made me FEEL pure love. That film is “Nanna.”

I would not wish to discuss the story of Nanna as it might make you take lightly the essence of the film. But I would rather say to you that experience the emotions of Nanna.
Experience the way a specially abled man with the intelligence of a 6-year old becomes a perfect father. Experience the magic of being a father and bringing up a precocious daughter. Experience the magic of bonding with daughter. Experience the magic of innocence. Experience the fight of a specially abled man in gaining back his daughter. Experience the way the father communicates with his daughter after a long time. If you are a stone, you will not feel the magic. But if you are human, somewhere you are bound to experience it.
What more shall I say of “Nanna” rather than just say, Experience.
I would say “Thank you” to all those who are involved in creation of “Nanna” especially Director Vijay, Cinematographer Nirav Shah, Art Director Santhanam, Music Director GV Prakash and producers Vijay Malla and Suresh Kondeti for giving us an experience.
And finally to Krishna (Vikram) and Vennela (Baby Sarah), you have showed us a way to feel human. We have cried for you both and without you two, “Nanna” would not have happened. Thank you!

Krishna Chaitanya.

P.S: To all the telugu heroes: All of you are very big stars. Please prove to us that you are ACTORS too.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

One comment

  1. I fell in love with the movie once again after reading your review ….in agreement with each and every line ….felt the same when I watched it 🙂

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