Azad showed the way over Telangana?

 For the past 2 years, if there was any problem which was most important to the Telugu people wherever they are, then it should be the Telangana issue. The political battle which heated up the struggle for separate statehood has in fact affected all of the state in a way that routine life remains paralysed whenever any leader raises this issue in a way.

The dilly-dallying by the Central Government is complicating the issue even more to the place where the people of the state are virtually divided into 3 regions. The political solution which ought to have been brokered by the Congress by taking into consideration the aspirations of the people amicably has never materialised and the statements of each and every sundry poltician on the either side is complitcating the matter even further. But, for a change a positive change is about to enter if the indications are correct.

The Central Minister for Health, Ghulam Nabi Azad may have stirred a hornet’s nest by saying that the “Telangana cannot be possible without a Unanimous resolution in the State Assembly.” With this single statement of his, he has put the ball in the court of Telangana leaders and Andhra counterparts. All he mentioned in his statement was that to achieve a consensus on the bifurcation issue and bring some sanity to the people of the state.

Azad has virtually brought in a situation where the Telangana leaders and the Seemandhra leaders ought to discuss their combined future. It implies that the bifurcation should be brought about by talks and talks alone. The Telangana leaders who always blame the Seemandhra leaders for the backwardness of Telangana should to table and remove the doubts over the safety of the private properties and people. Azad, hailing from Kashmir has very good knowledge of how his own state has been razed to the present status with uncompromising attitude.

The onus is on the Telangana leaders to convince their counterparts on the bifurcation and stop the rhetoric. The Seemandhra leaders also should accept the ground reality of the sentiments of Telangana populace and should start the dialogue process immediately. May be Azad has done a favor which is a bright prospect for peace in the region.

Krishna Chaitanya.


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