Often in Tollywood, we find movies to be made on the whims and fancies of the hero and the director. But very rarely we do find movies which focus entirely on the visual splendor. And in that rare category falls Siddharth’s new film, “180”.

This romantic tale which has hearthrob, Siddharth along with Priya Anand and Nitya Menen has everything going for it to cast a spell on the audience but it loses its focus somewhere and remains as a wasted effort. The director and screenwriter of 180, Jayendra has to take the major blame for making the proceedings so slow that it takes an eternity to bring an end to the already known story.

Ajay aka Mano (Siddharth) is a brooding man. He tries to be happy and takes life as it comes always relishing the little joys. His joy filled nature is liked by Vidya (Nitya Menen). Even the landlords of Mano are taken into his charm as he leads them out of their financial difficulties. As Mano’s charm spreads light and happiness into some orphans’ lives, Vidya proposes her love to him. Taken aback by her gesture Mano leaves from the neighborhood. Vidya tries to stop him but can’t as she meets with an accident.

Mano is now in a fix. He has to save the life of Vidya and for that he has to fly to the US of A from where he has run away. He has to come to terms over his past and lay down the demons of his mind. What are the demons? Why is he running away from his real identity as Ajay? Who is Renuka (Priya Anand) and what is her importance in Ajay’s life? To know the answers for these questions you may have to peep into the theater which plays 180.

But is it necessary to find out the answers for those questions? Will the answers offered quench your thirst of cinematic thrill? The resounding answer for these questions is a big NO! The answers offered are as stale as a 22-year old pudding, which was once delightful, in a fridge. The moment it is revealed that Ajay is a victim of Pancreatic Cancer, the movie becomes dreary and with that dreariness, the audience lose the patience and the quest to know the answers for the rest. That emotional hook which was required to keep the audience teary eyed does not find its bait and the dreariness forces the audience out expecting better fare for the next time from Siddarth.

The director seemed to have a fixation for everything in slow-motion. He even shot a racy song in extreme slow-mo. But to place the entire movie in a slow limbo was uncalled for and added to that there is not even one song or sequence which can be called as memorable and the result is out for everyone to see.

The casting is perfect as everyone did their best with Siddarth and Nitya taking the acting honours. Priya Anand did her bit but sometimes went overboard with her mimicry. Rest of the cast like Tanikella, MS Narayana, Mouli and Geetha were there just for the props. The technical departments, Cinematography (Balasubramanyam), Music (Sarath) and Art did a wonderful job but are let down by a combination of director, dialogue writer and screenplay writers.

Overall, 180 is a visual treat without a soul. It is better to look at the posters of 180 rather than experiencing the movie.

Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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