Losers 2009: Just for fun

Rewind to 2009, May 17th, a day after the results for the Assembly elections were announced and with a thumping majority YSR had led the Congress back into power. But what would have been running in the minds of the leaders who had lost the elections? Just peep into this article and remember that its all just for fun and no offence to anyone.

1. Location: Telengana Bhavan, Jubilee Hills

K Chandrashekara Rao and Vijayashanti, the sole Lok Sabha winners in the party are talking to each other.

Vijayashanti: Emanna, ila ayindi  

KCR: Emcheddam chellamma? Prajalu manaku bonda pettaru
 Vijayashanti: Oka idea cheppamantava anna?
KCR: Cheppu

Vijayashanti: Manam inka Telengana adagoddu anna.

KCR: Inkenti adugutham 

Vijayashanti: Neevu Rayalaseema aduganna. Nenu Andhra adugutha. Appudu Telengana chachchinattu istaru.

KCR: Idedo bagundi. Jai Rayalaseema!

Vijayashanti: Jai Andhra! 
2. Location : Praja Rajyam Office, Jubilee Hills

Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind are discussing with each other in empty conference hall.

Chiranjeevi (in a sad note): Emiti bava ila ayindi? Mana nyayanni evaru nammaledu.

Aravind: Ooruko bava. Munde odipoyi nenedusthunte 

Chiranjeevi: nenu odipoledemiti 
Aravind: ????

Chiranjeevi (in emotion): neevu ide hall lo annavu kada, naapai bullet vasthe addukuntanani. Malli naa otamini aapalekapoyava?

Aravind : Challe bava! Edo camera mundu konchem emotionlo edo cheppa. Danni nijamanukunte ela? 

Chiranjeevi : Mari dabbenta poyindi 
Aravind : Poledu. Migilindi

3. Location: TDP Headquarter, Jubilee Hills

Chandrababu Naidu and Bala Krishna are discussing with each other with Naidu massaging Bala Krishna’s thigh.

Naidu : Toda gattiga kottaddu ani chepthe vinnavu kaadu.

Balaiah : Nenu toda godithe gellichesthamanukunna bava 
Naidu : ????

Balaiah : Sare. Inka neekem pani ledu kada 

Naidu : avunu
Balaiah : Naa next cinema dialogue vinu chebutha
Balaiah starts reciting his dialogues and Naidu cannot gather the meaning of the dialogues but still hears it as he has no work for another 5 years.

P.S:- This is a work of fiction and created for fun. No offence on anyone is intended.

Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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