Rangam: Good cinema

 For the past few days, I have been hearing much about the Tamil Dubbing film, “Rangam” which is said to be collecting a good share at the box-office. In fact, it is even about to complete 50 days of its run. But what is surprising is that most of the telugu film websites did not review the film as they do most of the times. So, I decided to check it out myself and went for the film 2 days back. And I must say that reading very less about the film has really helped me to enjoy this delightful cinema.

Very rarely do we find in Southern Cinema (yeah, including Tamil cinema too, though excepting Malayalam cinema) for the hero of the film to play his role rather than occupying the centerstage in the story and making it revolve around him. Rangam for a change is entirely different. It makes its protagonist (read hero), Aswath (Jiiva) as tool for the audience to go along and uncover the various mysteries which surround in the society which to an extent, he too is part of.

Aswath works a photo-journalist for a news paper and his lady colleagues Renuka (Karthika) and Saro (Piaa Bajpai) are always part of his work. Though all the three share a good friendship, Aswath and Renuka have feelings towards each other. The coming elections of the state of AP increase the work pressure on the trio as the politicians keep them busy with their antics. The combo of Aswath and Renuka uncover various facets of the politicians in the state. The ruling party leader (Prakash Raj) is besotted with his own public image and says that he knows how to look naturally good to the camera whereas the Opposition leader (Kota Srinivasa Rao) is busy marrying a 13 year old girl.

Amidst these sort of scandals come a new party whose young leaders eats away the neutral vote and stands as a hope for those who want a real change for politics. The leader of this new party is an educated graduate and rides his party into the hearts of the people with his brand of idealism. But his idealism has many foes and he has to face an ugly world of politics which has a mystery for him and his supporters like Aswath. What are those mysteries and how would Aswath uncover them, forms the rest of the story.

The performances of the lead cast are noteworthy as Jiiva shines with his photographer act. He is apt for the role as he has zero image and gels with the story. Karthika is ok for the role of Renuka, but a lot needs to be looked into her styling and appearance. Pia Bajpai did her best to lok bubbly and she pulled the bubbly part well. The veteran performers, Kota and Prakashraj leave their stamp on their short roles. But it is Ajmal who leaves a lasting impact as the idealistic young politician trying to bring a change in the society.

The production house Supergood Films has come to be associated with family entertainers but it has banked on the capabilities of director KV Anand to helm this political thriller. Their judgment did not go wrong as KV Anand did a great job of tightrope walking and telling a story which directly goes into the minds rather than hearts. Great effort.

The music of the film is popular and Harris Jayraj delivered once again. But why does this talented composer not score a straight hit in telugu? The editing and cinematography are of top notch quality and the action sequences composed by Peter Heins really enhance the quality of the film. But one disappointment is the dialogues by Sri Rama Krishna who failed to inject the dialogues into this powerful story.

All in all, Rangam is a great example of good cinema and if you have not seen this thriller till now, grab a ticket right now!

Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. visit http://www.darsakulam.com & read `RANGAM` movie review…It was posted very long back

  2. Yeah…I checked it but more reviews are needed…Rangam needs to be publicized by film buffs

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