Afterall its a book!

The latest scandal which is rocking the entire film world is the latest controversial autobiography “IDI NAA KATHA” by M S Reddy aka Mallemala. None of the film stars nor any scribe would have anticipated the sensation it was going to become before a fortnight. And right now if it is anything which is in high demand, then it should be this book which is now taken away from the bookstores.

Why is the film industry reacting to it as if it has bumped into a volcano which might reduce it to nothingness? Why is it that the film personalities making their best efforts to run down the book and take away the gloss from it? Why are these individuals fretting and frowning in secret?

All this while, the major heroes and actors have bloated their egos by creating a false halo behind them. None of the stars who have acclaimed larger-than-life image have portrayed themselves as normal human beings. These stars who demand the moon, and stay adamant on getting it are feeling as if someone has crashlanded on to their party and exposed them of their ego-centric existence. The incidents which have been mentioned by Mallemala in his book may have been the one side of the story and other than one denial by Gunasekhar, there have not been many denial statements by the rest of the names. Added to that the book has been taken away from the bookstores adding more color to the colorful story.

No one knows what might have happened between Mallemala and the mentioned stars but what is intriguing is that the octagenarian man is now rumored to have been house-arrested by his own son. How much of the story is true and how much is fiction would never be known, but what remains out in the open is that the stars who pride on their fan-following and God-Like image are mere mortals and average human beings. Let their mortal side come over, may be we would like their persona even better.

Whether available or not, Mallemala has done the unthinkable and did the society a huge favor. He brought books back into business. Now everyone wants a copy of the book and read it on his own. Writing world would heave a sigh of relief for receiving a shot in the arm. There are many autobiographies in the bookstores which are not even considered a second look but now it would not be the case as who knows what secrets would any book hold? NO one would dismiss any book now saying, “Afterall, its a book”!

Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. IMHO, RGV's “naa ishTam” has already created some interest in books. Mallemala's book is pacing it up faster.

    It's a pity however that haters of some of those “problematic stars” take things out of context and want to share and reshare excerpts from the book. Unless one reads the book, one cannot understand if the favourite star of such people is also mentioned in the book. After all, everyone is a mortal! 🙂 I hope people do realize that, yes.

  2. Yeah! That is the point Nachaki… Everyone is mortal…Let their mortal side be up too instead of feeding all the beefed up image…

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