READY: Dhinka Chika…

“Dhinka chika Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika reee” seems to be the song of the season. It also happens to be a song which shows Salman in swinging and twitching his trousers vigorously with gay abandon. The brazeness with which the song was picturised, by displaying the posters of the film, shows what kind of confidence Salman has on himself and the subject he has chosen to do. And “READY” does not disappoint all of his loyal fans who throg to theaters just to see Salman, Salman and just Salman. Yes, READY is just about Salman, Salman and more Salman.

The film which is remade from the Telugu film “Ready” which was released in the year 2008 has the Bollywood megastar just showing to his colleagues and sworn enemies that when it comes to masses, he is the SUPERSTAR.

There is nothing to be mentioned worthwhile about the story as most of the websites and reviewers have thrashed the no-brainer story of this flick. But what needs to be mentioned is the fact that the writers have changed some of the content to suit the tastes of the audience and to suit the image of its star. And to make a film work where the heroine is not even eyecandy needs some serious makeover. And READY entertains with its lead character taking pride to be a “DHEELA.”

Coming to the performances of the actors, when the movie is about Salman what will the rest of the cast have to do? Just be around its lead star. The supporting cast of READY (including the heroine Asin) do just that and give Sallu mian a good company. Still a word of appreciation should be given where it is due, so Mahesh Manjrekar gets a mentioned with underline. For Paresh Rawal, these sort of roles are cakewalk and the veteran sure walked with his cake and also eating it.

The technical aspects are nothing worth to deserve a specific mention except for Devi Sri Prasad for remixing his “RINGA RINGA” as “DHINKA CHIKA” and making it an anthem for the masses.

Go to READY without your brains and for a while forget that Hindi cinema has been making some breakthroughs with regard to the storylines, may be you will like it.

Krishna Chaitanya.


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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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