Mr. Perfect is actually Mr.Confused

Hero sees Heroine#1. Heroine#1 loves Hero. But Hero is not convinced about Heroine#1 (or else is it the director/producer) and says can’t marry to the heroine#1 who is approved by everyone. Heroine#1 is heartbroken.

Enter Heroine#2 who appears as a perfect match only to the hero and not to anyone else. But the intellectual dad of Heroine#2 is not convinced and asks the hero to come to his home for four days and convince him and his family. Hero accepts the challenge and captures everyone’s heart but loses his own heart to heroine#1 (who is by then contrived to be brought to that place by FATE (read as convenience of the SCRIPT). And they both marry each other and happily live everafter with all the families. The audience who have seen this kind of story umpteen times before also get up from their seats moist-eyed and bless the film with great collections.

Welcome to the new age of Tollywood (Or lets simply call it Telugu Film Industry), in which the audience are always treated to the same story again and again tirelessly by the same set people, and yet score some points and some box-office success. This sums up the story and the success of the latest hit at the tinselville, Mr.PERFECT.

The point I want to make over here is that this Mr.PERFECT appears as similar to the countless other films over the past few years and still it gets some decent success. May be there is some emotional connect in the relationships portrayed in the film.

Mr. Perfect is a drama in which the Hero’s mindset itself is the villain of the film. Changing that mindset forms the motto for the heroine and the supporting characters of the film. These days it has become some sort of a fad for the directors to explore this mental make-up of the hero. Films like Orange, Teenmaar and others have this kind of a storyline and Mr.Perfect is no different. I would rather name these kind of films as CONFUSED films rather than romantic dramas.

Coming to the performances of the lead cast, Prabhas shined in this Bommarillu kind of role, though his hairstyle created a lot of confusion by being of different lengths in each shot in a single scene. Kajal looked beautiful and that’s about it and she sheds tears and shows scornful looks whenever required. Tapsee filled up the trio and the only grace was her own decent dubbing. Rest of the cast just did their part and left.

A major complaint is with the Director, Dasarath who is renowned for rehashing the family dramas of other films and repackaging into another different film. He used the plotlines of Orange, Bommarillu and Santosham as his references and created a mishy-mashy story which never tugs at your hearts neither does it disappoint completely. But a question arises with regards to the comedy track, why does the comedians always have to lock horns with the hero? If it was Brahmanandam in the first half, Raghu takes up the mantle of challenging the hero in the second half. But neither of them create any kind of humor, let alone bring out any laughs.

On the whole, the saga of a Confused hero is set to continue in Tollwyood with the success of this Mr.Perfect.

Krishna Chaitanya.


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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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