GHS: A sensible tale

There are movies which entertain and there are movies which educate. But there are a very rare breed of films which entertain and educate, for example, Munnabhai series and 3 Idiots. Now, the movie in discussion, Golconda High School too tries hard to educate and entertain, but it remains somewhere in the middle. It is a film which tries to score a point by making 14 adolescents and a brooding 35 year old as its protagonists and tries to bring out heroes out of them in the due course of time.
Golconda High School is a reputed school in the city of Hyderabad whose management believes that the growth of a child should in all spheres of life and hence it includes Extra-Curricular activities as compulsive activities of its students. But the ever demanding parents always pressurize their wards to focus on their studies rather than other activities which rob them off the precious time.
The thoughts of parents are well read by Kireet (Subbaraju), a trustee of the school, who brings forward a proposal of constructing an IIT-EAMCET coaching centre in the sprawling playground of the school. But the principal of the school, Viswanath (Tanikella Bharani) opposes the plan and brings on board Sampath (Sumanth) as the school’s cricket coach. Sampath throws a challenge to Kireet that if the school’s cricket team wins the Inter-school cricket championship, then the proposal of a IIT-EAMCET coaching centre would not rise again. Kireet accepts the challenge and in turn asks Sampath to resign as the coach if not. 
Now, Sampath is faced with a dual challenge of building a cricket team and give them confidence enough to win the championship and also save the School’s playground for the benefit of future students. Can Sampath turn reluctant students to form as a team and bring order and discipline in their lives without compromising on their studies? Can GHS, which did not cross the 1st round of the championship for the past 15 years be able to win against the tide? To know the answers for these questions, catch GHS on big screen.
The director of the film, Mohan Krishna Indraganti, deserves a pat for attempting a different sports genre movie in telugu without any commercial ingredients. The film focuses mostly and the students and not on the budding romance between the coach and the English teacher (Swathi). The director wove in some good screenplay but somewhere he forgot to include some passion in the players. Every one of them has dreams and none of them aspire to be a cricketer. The film could not sustain that emotional chord with its audience as the players who play the game have no passion to it. Also the selection seems not to be based on talent but on attendance on the first day. The director and the writer should have focused on that part which could have created more impact over the already superb climax. 
Coming to the performances of the cast, the role is a cakewalk for Sumanth as he fit the bill as the silent yet effective coach. Swathi has nothing to do in the movie other than clapping and cheering for the team. Had any more footage been on her, the film would have lost its feel. The child actors did great job as the players. Special mention should be given to the actors who played the roles of Gautam, Siddhanth, Rajinder, Varun and Mike. They are the soul of GHS and form the emotional chord of the film. 
Cinematographer KK Senthil Kumar deserves a special mention  as he created enough impact with his work. It is one thing to play with camera in high-budget movies such as Magadheera, Arundathi, Yamadonga and Sye and totally different ball-game with medium budgeted movies such as this one. A commendable job. Music by Kalyani Malik is good on ears. His background score could elevate the mood of the scenes to another level as well. 
On the whole, GHS is an experience to be watched on screen. But if the director had concentrated a bit more about cricket in the personality development of the players, the film would have been on another level. A good effort which could have been a classic one.

Krishna Chaitanya.

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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


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