Alaa Modalaindi: An Entertaining romance

What’s the formula of a successful film? Is it the stars who decide the Hit factor or else famed technicians? Or is it a story which has so many twists and turns which surprise and shock the audience? Or can numerous fights and kissing scenes make a film to be a hit? Can anyone define how a film would become a hit? As far as my limited film knowledge goes, any film can be called succesful, if the audience connects with the proceedings on the screen. 
But to achieve that is just not that simple and that fact is best known by another fact, that film industry just has a single digit success rate than most of the other industries. So why am I ranting over the ingredients of a successful film, because I have been a witness to one such film which has no big stars, no great technicians and no gargantuan and path breaking story, yet that film tugs its audience to its hook and takes them to a youthful and urbane world of its protagonists, Nitya (Nitya Menon) and Gautam (Nani). Through that journey we discover the various facets of their emotions, hearts and internal struggles. And finally when they say, “I Do” to each other, we feel that we have triumphed in our own journey and leave the theater with contentment in our hearts. That is the essence of a truly successful film and “Ala Modalaindi” achieved that.
As said earlier, Ala Modalaindi has no path breaking story nor is it a novel attempt, it is just an honest and earnest attempt of a lady director, Nandini in showcasing her directorial abilities on screen. She succeeded a lot as she cast a web of charm with her witty script and screenplay and made the audience glued to the screen. She was handicapped by bad cinematography which must have made life difficult when she might have seen the first copy. But despite that Nandini could achieve a good success at the box-office with her tale of youthful romance. But one comment should be made at her screenplay, slow and soft without any hiccups. Well done ma’am.
Coming to the lead actors, Nani and Nitya would be identified as the characters from this film and that would sum up the impact they have left on the viewers. But it would be wise for Nani to undergo a make-over as his current look raised many eyebrows. His masochistic look is fine for action entertainers but for this kind of rom-coms, a neat look would have worked wonders. Nitya is sure to be the next heartthrob of young men and with her expressive yet beautiful face, she is bound to go places if she chooses some right projects. 
The rest of the cast did their part. Kriti Kharbanda looked beautiful in the 2 minutes she was present and Sneha Ullal added some oomph and star value with her 5 minute role. Rohini as the new age mom excelled whereas the friend gang comprising RJ Hemanth, Snigdha did their bit to bring in few laughs. Asish Vidyarthi showed another facet of his acting talent by playing kidnapper, John. His interaction with Nani brought the house down. And finally Mahatma Ramesh, as Gautam, the Software Engineer, shouldered the entire climax on his shoulders.
Giving credit where it is due, the producers at Sri Ranjith Movies should be a given a pat on the back for believing in a good script rather than commercial potboilers. Hope they would continue in the same vein.
అలా మొదలైంది ఎలా మొదలైందో తెలియదు, కాని ముగిసిన తరవాత చాలా ఆనందంగా ఉంది…
Go for it,
Krishna Chaitanya.

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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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