Azadi? Or Slavery?

What’s going on in Kashmir? Any one’s answer from the rest of India would be called as militancy and proxy-war waged by Pakistan on India. But any Kashmiri, notably from the valley, would say, “It is a fight for our Azadi and for our right for self-determination.”
Well, that is the dilemma of Jammu&Kashmir for any common citizen wondering what went wrong with the Kashmir. Everyone with an iota of knowledge of Indian history would know that Jammu&Kashmir has been truncated into two parts of which one part is called, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) alias Azad Kashmir (in pakistan’s parlance) and the rest is called Jammu & Kashmir (or else Indian Occupied Kashmir in the same Pakistan parlance). India claims the entire of the state to be an integral part of it whereas Pakistan claims that India has illegally occupied Kashmir and is trampling upon the Human Rights of the people.
Ever since the independence to both the countries the entire border situation was resolved except for the state of Jammu and Kashmir which is the only Muslim majority state in the entire of India. Pakistan claimed the state for the religious reasons whereas fearing a Pakistani invasion, the Hindu maharaj thought otherwise and acceded to India with a precondition that his decision should be endorsed by his people. Soon Pakistan tried to invade by sending its soldiers in the disguise of locals to accede Kashmir whereas India intervened and halted them at a point wherein the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru intervened and put the matter in the court of the newly formed United Nations.
The UN asked for a plebiscite which was taken in the Indian territory of the Kashmir and according to the wishes of the people, the Province of Kashmir became State of Jammu and Kashmir. But Pakistan cried hoarse and tried to annexe the state in a failed war of 1966 and remained silent. Soon India cut Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971 and from then on hostilities between India and Pakistan reached a crescendo with the coming to the power of Benazir Bhutto in the late 80s. Pakistan created a policy of “Bleed India with thousand cuts” and trapped innocent Kashmiri youth with religion and jingoistic speeches. Soon militancy rose with lakhs of Hindu Pandit families being evicted from the state and ever since then India was forced to deploy its army forever in the troubled state.
With this kind of acrimonious history over the state, the present day Youth of Kashmir are demanding the solution for their wretched problem. They are showing their anger through stone-pelting and resorting to violent methods of coercion. Their anger is palpable. They feel that the local state government has failed in all counts. They feel that their cm, Omar Abdullah has failed and is dancing to the tunes of leaers from New Delhi. They want jobs, they want livelihood and they want proper education.
Well, all this can be achieved only in a state of peace. Why can’t the leaders of these violent youth just maintain their calm and preach peace instead. Why don’t the leaders sitting in Delhi just resolve themselves to solve this problem with Pakistan once for all? True, the Centre has appointed a three member interlocutor party to tour the state and hold dialogue with all sections of the Kashmiri society. But what mandate does this 3 member party have over the resolution of the crisis? That the people of Kashmir treat their position in India as  slaves is a strong statement on Indian democracy. Why did the situation has come to that pass? Can an India really alleviate these feelings and instil a sense of Azadi among an average Kashmiri? Or rather, are the leaders willing to go that extra distance to make that difference?
Well, the Kashmir imborglio has reached a situation where there seems to be darkness in the tunnel. The stuck situations wants some light at the end of the tunnel. But where is that light and where is the end?
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

One comment

  1. Anonymous

    Kashmir issue hasn't settled because so many different external forces wanted it that way. Coupled with lack of a mature
    leadership within political parties in Kashmir due to long history of staying under terror and failure of India government coming
    to a unanimous single affecting policy change in protecting people in general and sustaining confidence longer enough to have the
    people involved in the process. Right now 99 % domiciled Hindu population (Pandits) either eliminated (gunned down) or forced to
    migrate elsewhere other states. Every other time the moderatist leaders who want a peaceful solution pro people are being
    assassinated for speaking against those external powers. And the sudden shift of international politics instrumenting terror as a
    foreign policy (either silently or openly) has restricted, made it extremely difficult a democratic(Indian) government's priority
    of choice. Moreover being a single most difference of view between Pakistan (which has single most important agenda to keep the
    issue alive and ultimately claim victory) and India which has fought literally war at LOC and elsewhere in form of militancy and
    proxy war at different parts of Kashmir and other states eg most prominent Punjab (making them not ready to take any major policy
    change on Kashmir). With time, creating rock confidence making peace perveil, making the scope of absolute autonomy a real
    attraction in terms of respect benefits a special status and again good sense of people in general and lastly right attitude of
    Pakistan vis-a-vis India would only make this problem a history.

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