Will our society allow that??

“Sir, you are wearing that thread. I too want to wear that thread. How to do it?” asked an innocent teenaged attendant of a hotel room when I was changing my dress. This question suddenly questioned my conscience to the core.
The thread he was referring to was my “jhandyam”(sacred thread), which actually defines me as a practising brahmin. But that poor innocent orphan does not know the importance of that sacred thread to me. I immediately did not have any answer to tell him as a matter of fact. I just avoided that fellow who followed me and asked me when and where he can wear that.
I could come out of that situation by sidetracking him to another topic and giving him an errand job. But my mind is still thinking. What he implied to me was, what is your qualification to wear that thread and what is my disqualification to not wear that thread?
I asked myself a question,
Why I am wearing this thread?
Because, I am a brahmin.
Then the next question followed,
Are you practising the profession of a Brahmana?
No! I am just doing a job and not practising the path of a Brahmana.
Then why should you wear this thread? What qualifies you to wear this thread?
Just that I am born in a Brahmin family and am conforming to the societal obilgations.
So why should that boy who wants to be a Brahmana be barred from wearing it?
This last question is a bit difficult to answer, but I believe that our vedic texts and scriptures have not barred anyone from leading the life of a Brahmana and they have not put across any restriction that only a progeny of a brahmanas should practise the path of a Brahamana.
So in theory, that boy who wants to wear this thread can wear it and practise the caste of brahmana, but will the rigid society allow that concession to that boy? That is a zillion dollar question.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Well once the boy becomes aware of the concessions this society allows him for being barred from wearing this thread..He will be ever grateful to you….I think you got what i mean!!
    And well you are right in your belief that our vedic scriptures do not bar anyone from leading the bramhana life and in fact that is what they aim at promoting..

  2. “So in theory, that boy who wants to wear this thread can wear it”
    Yes..it is just a theory. That's where all the problem begins.

  3. Anonymous

    Each n every individual has all rights to do anything which he likes to do…we are in democratic country and most importantly in 21st century… please dear citzens mugg up!!!! Now when we can touch the moon…… whats abig deal in wearing a thread which is called SACRED for hindus…. wat say?

  4. Anonymous

    This incident reminds of a story in our Upanishads.During the Vedictimes and as per a story from Chandoyoga Upanishd an young boy called SATYAKAMA son of one women happened to be a servant maid met a SAGE GAUTAMA and requested him to impart lessons in VEDAS. The sage asked him to prononce his Gothra(Ancestry).But the poor innocent could not tell his Gothra .The Sage asked him to know from his elders.The boy asked his mother to let him know his ancestry.The mother called Jabala told him that she was attending works in certain houses in the society and she while serving many masters she had to give birth to SATYAKAMA,and she could not exactly know with whom she conceived the boy.And she told the young boy to tell his would be teacher about this and to proclaim him self as SATYAKAMA jABALA,JABALA as his ancestry.Accordingly the boy went to the SAGE and recited his PRAVARA.The Great Sage felt very happy,for his brave Sathya Nishta and accepted him as His Deciple.Later the boy becama a great learned man.we can refer for this story in Chandyoga Upanishad.What the Krishna Chaitanya expressed is correct.Ther was no Caste system during THE VEDIK period.the system was introduced by the foreigner rulers to dived the society.The evil caste system totally divided the socety in to many parts.LET THE WISDOM DAWN ON THE SOCIETY. ASATHOMA SADGAMAYA;THAMASOMA JYOTHIRGAMAYA;MRITHYOMA AMRITHAM GAMAYA; OM SHANTHI OM SHANTHI;The boy reffered by the writer should approach a SADGURU for his UPANAYANAM May THE ALMIGHTY help in his pursuit to aquire THE GAYATHRI MANTRA

  5. it is not so easy to adopt something like brahmana. it so easy to say in words but truly a tough thing to do. wat say?

  6. Anonymous

    that'why I recited ASATHOMA SADGAMAYA,FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU.We are living in fool's paradise.Like what you said it is very difficult and tough thing,if our RajaRam Mohan Roy,Kandakuri Veeresa Lingam,Gurajada Apparao,Mahathma Gandhi thought like you,our society would still be witnessing SATHI SAHAGAMANAM,INFANT GIRL MARRIAGES,we still be under BRITISH RULE Evarovakkaru modalu pettali.samasya parishkaram kavali. “CHUTTU VUNNA CHIKATI NI THITTU KONTU KURCHONE BADULU AGGI PULLANU VELIGINCHALI,ANDUKE THAMASOMA JYOTHIRGAMAYA''

  7. Anonymous

    ఇప్పుడున్న బ్రాహ్మణులు ఎంతవరకు తమ బ్రాహ్మణత్వం పాటిస్తున్నారో, ఒక్కసారి ఆలోచించి నిర్ణయం తీసుకోవడం మంచిది. బ్రాహ్మణత్వం పొందినవాడు మాత్రమే గాయత్రీ మంత్రం చదవాలని లేదు కద. ఇక్కడ మంచి మనసున్న ప్రతి ఒక్కడు తమకిష్టమైన దేవుళ్ళను లేదా దేవతలను ఆరదించవచ్చు. యజ్ఞోపవీతాన్ని ధరించిన ప్రతి బ్రాహ్మణులు ఎంత మాత్రం గాయత్రి చదువుతున్నారు.

  8. Pawan Raju


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