Puli: A 10 minute movie…..

After Balakrishna’s “Okka Magadu,” Pawan Kalyan’s “Komaram Puli” should be the movie which has been reviled by common audience as well as the critics alike. Both the movies took up a hurricane like start at the ticketing window but have faced outright condemnation right from the first show. So, what went wrong with Puli? Why is that movie being the center of condemnation?
The first reason for failure of “Komaram Puli” is that the movie is not identifiable. The lead character of the film, Komaram Puli (Pawan Kalyan) is not a sort of a bloke who is identifiable with common man. He is projected as a sort of bloke who has answers to each and every problem of the society. If answers to the problems are found so easily, then why problems exist?
Also the hero’s ultimate aim in life, a police team to solve the problems of the public is achieved within the first 10 minutes of the film. Then what is the motivation and the driving force which will glue the audience to their seats? The thing which should have happened in the 2nd half happens right in the first 10 minutes and the rest is a drag no matter how interesting the case of Nixon and Al-Saleem is. This is where the director Surya failed and here lies the failure of “Komaram Puli.”
I will not touch the storyline of the film, as I could not make any heads nor tails of the story. There is some Al-Salem (Manoj Bajpai) who is very busy writing the future of the state (but his pastime appears like disappearing Policemen). And there is Komaram Puli busy in protecting the state of Andhra Pradesh and making policemen friends of the people. And there is audience who suffers from the antics of Al-Salem and Komaram Puli. What happens next is 3 hours of full idiotic drama in the name of entertainment.
Hey hey, I forgot to mention a lady in the drama, Madhumati (Nikeesha) who is fully in love with our hero that she does not seem to have any parent but has loads of money (nearly 15 lakhs) to make our hero fall in love with her. What she does is look droolingly into our hero’s eyes and make him fall over her. Yaaawwwwnnnn…..
And with regards to the technicians, everyone did their job effectively, but they seem to have forgotten that Cinema generally is a team job. And individual brilliance will not elevate any cinema, unlike cricket. The director, cinematographer, music director, choreographer, make-up artist (whoever suggested that wig for Manoj bajpai should be made to wear that wig for the rest of their life), Stunt choreographer, everyone is at fault over here and should immediately be given some crash course in team work. It is sad that a person like AR Rahman is being included in this list, but what to do, such is the pain Puli causes for the viewer.
And finally, over Pawan Kalyan, he needs to take Jeevita’s comment seriously and should practise to deliver his dialogue without shaking your body. All of the lengthy dialogues spoken should have been delivered in a more effective way rather than as if dashing for a 100 meter race.
After writing this article fully, I wish to see Pawan Kalyan doing a dumb role (moogavaadu). Well any makers of that movie?
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Anonymous

    haha…is that so…? y pawan wants to be in the race of balakrishna….?The most awaiting release for the ppl of andhra pradesh n especially for the fans of pawan kalyan it was a big big disgusting disappointment…. pawan plz i pray you have a great brain genetically… try to use that…

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Pawan after KUSHI,we always anticipate same class from you.Please do'nt disappoint us. you are not like the so called Nandamuri clan.

  3. Raghu

    Wow. Pawan as moogavaadu? I would finance that film

  4. Mani

    Even that mooga film would collect 40 crores with Pawan in it

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