Umm! He does it again

Salman Khan! The name itself evokes different emotions from different people. This macho man who is the ‘real’ darling of the masses when compared to the other three khans has also a knack of being in the news all the time. His love affair with the controversies is well known and also well known is his short-tempered ways which makes him the best friend of media by providing them enough fodder to discuss and ridicule his actions. Be it his famous run-ins with the law in Deer-poaching case or else hit and run case and his bashing the media people all the time, Sallu has always been in the news, more wrong ways than any other.
This time around, Sallu has chosen a great time to fall in to wrong news once again. At one side he is being talked for the success he scored with his latest movie, “Dabangg” whereas at the other end he has kicked up a storm by passing a cruel comment on the attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai.
Salman was shown as commenting that the Mumbai attacks were talked about big time as they had happened on the elite people of the country. He said that the attacks happened all the time and many died but the attacks of 26/11 were covered big time as elite people of the society were involved.
No sooner than his comments were aired, his condemnation followed with the political parties all around the spectrum jumped to condemn Sallu saying that he was callous in his remarks and should unconditionally apologise and retract his words. Sallu for his part, immediately offered his apologies to mitigate the controversy but the damage was already done with Shiv Sena and the BJP taking some potsots at the actor.
Whether Salman was sorry or not, his comments were utterly in a bad taste. He need to be reminded that the attacks of 26/11 were just not limited to the Oberoi and the Taj but had earlier happened at the Chatrapati Sivaji Terminus where thousands of commoners gather to travel and also at hospitals where commoners get treated. Also it is not acceptable to trivialise the way a few terrorists holding the country for ransom in those 3 days which drew the attention of the world.
Salman’s apologies will not go down well with all those who lost their family members. Salman should remember that he carries a social responsibility with regards to Indian society as well. He better keep his wild thoughts to himself.
Krishna Chaitanya.

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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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