Celebrities and National Issues

“My size has become a national issue,” laments Kareena Kapoor in an interview to a question with regards to her recent weight gain.
“My marital status has become a national issue,” said Salman Khan during the promotion of his latest film, ‘Dabangg.’
These celebrities have a reason for their laments. Though they are celebrities who have achieved name and fame, they too feel like the rest of us, people. But as a society, we are so besotted with these celebrities, that we just view them from a microscopic angle aiming to rip them at a tiniest of their flaws or even the minisculest of their action. The media is always hounding these celebrities such as to rip them apart when they notice something going amiss or else the said celebrity in a mood swing.
Why this fixation towards celebrities? The common answer is that these people have achieved fame such that they become role models for the society they live-in and they ought to maintain their composure and have to be politically correct all the time in public. Agreed. But what about their personal and private lives? Aren’t they supposed to be left alone with matters relating to their personal lives? A scribe who always monitors the personal lives of stars and celebrities alike shots with an answer, “these celebrities themselves come out in the open to publish about their private lives to remain in the news and be called as a STAR.”
One would tend to feel that the constant media glare and hounding has made people much more callous and thin differences which relate to the personal life and professional life do not exist any more. This is an uncalled for development with regards to the society but when being noticed and framed 24X7 is the required thing for the celebrites then why bother.
Chalta hain bhai, chalne do…
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

One comment

  1. Anonymous

    But the same celebrities cannot live with out attention. They go to any extent in getting name fame and attention.

    It is not only film industry. It happens with every successful, famous person irrespective of their profession. It is about how you balance your personal life vs professional life.

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