In a move which might hit Indian BPO sector the hardest, the Ohio Government in the US of A has banned Outsourcing of works from their state to other countries. This new policy is in accordance with the hardline posturing of the US President, Barrack Obama who made an issue out of “outsourcing of jobs” to countries like India as his election agenda.
Though Obama has not made it an official national policy yet about the ban on Outsourcing due to corporate and diplomatic pressures, his opposition is well-known as he always maintained that the India and other countries were robbing away jobs from the Americans. This sentiment echoed with the millions of natural Americans who started to feel the pinch of recession in their daily lives. Now, with the state of Ohio making it a law to ban “outsourcing of jobs,” more states are expected to follow suit.
The direct impact of the latest decision is set to fall on most of the Indian BPO companies as they are majorly dependent on the US market for their business. The leaders of the BPO industry maintain that they are indirectly creating jobs in the US market which is never recognised and the decision to ban their services
would be a loss to the US itself in another way.
Traditionally, the Governments of US and the India have been at loggerheads due to the policies they follow, though the populace have always been favorable towards each other. But the buck seems to be changing as the Governments are coming together and the common public losing that love with these kind of policies. The coming days would reveal what would be the state of affairs between India and the US with the latest posturing.
Krishna Chaitanya.

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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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