I have been following an interesting debate in a blog of my friend. Please read his post (which is in Telugu) and the debate which followed due to his views. Though there are certain points in the blog which has aggravated many about his views on the policy of reservations, I tend to rise in his support.
Whether we like it or not, CASTEISM STILL EXISTS IN INDIA. The casteist domination still continues at many places and often the lower castes are always targetted by the upper castes. THIS IS A FACT, though many might rise against me saying, nah, this ain’t true and the sort. Believe me, I have seen the casteism of the worst kind. I have been witness to lower-caste officers, read OFFICERS who have enjoyed the fruits of RESERVATIONS, still forced to squat on the floor in front of their village head who happens to be a Upper Caste bigot. If this is the case of an OFFICER, what about those who have never got any reservation in their favor in their lifetime?
The much hallowed Universities which impart quality education have actually become seats of CASTEIST DISCRIMINATION. Most of the time, the Upper Caste students are not allowed to mingle with those of lower castes and vice-versa. The new entrant into the University is often forced to make friendship with SAME CASTE students and the exchange of notes and any other material should be done through them only. If a student behaves in a different manner, there would be a social boycott of that person. Worst part of this mess is that even the University professors encourage this trend. One in my family was a target of a professor for mingling with a Dalit friend and her marks were considerably reduced. What kind of liberation and equality do we talk about?
There is another argument that Reservations produce different results and the merit takes a backseat. To a measure it is true, but training those who have been deprived of a decent living for generations takes time and if they are learning the tricks of the trade, give them some more leeway. Nothing wrong!
As long as the mindsets of the people with regards to the Caste and Religion is rooted out any number of measures to alleivate the downtrodden would further alienate them from the mainstream. What should be achieved in this situation is a conscious effort from the likeminds of the society to weed out this rot.
Krishna Chaitanya.

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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. For your point to mingling with other castes / group of castes. There is a gap between Education levels [aka Marks] between Open Seat Student & Reservation Student. Sometime the difference is 92% to 35%.
    There is a feeling of Denial of Education for Eligible students in Higher Castes [aka Castes that don’t have any reservations] among these students. An Open Seat student in medical College joined with 92% of marks cannot digest that a person in the same class has only 35% marks and that seat is denied to his Friend having 91.8% marks. And that to all fees paid and given stipend.
    There is a feeling of Insecurity in Students joined with Reservations regarding studies, intellectual debates and many other factors that can be beaten by high scorers. That’s why all these students are not come close to OCs.
    These Reservations are facilities that are provided but people are fighting for these like Rights.

  2. Krishna

    Have we developed fully is one question even to this age in the fields of science and technology? For the wards of Upper castes, the education has been a privilege and they grow up in an encouraging atmosphere of parents coaching their children too..But for an reserved candidate, the studying child is expected to double up a job. He is expected to teach his parent as well as teach himself. Mere provision of education is not enough, the training should be inclusive for these students.

    But I donot support that theory which the Government follows of reserving all those seats for the reserved categories. If there are students who are not qualified enough for at least 50% let them try the next year and those left over seats be open for all categories…At least that can do some good

  3. regard to what you said about people being forced to make friendship with people of same caste, let me tell you two incidents which i witnessed…

    1)Happened when i was preparing for my JEE….
    They were two guys who were very good friends..They rode on a same cycle. shared their notes,soft-drinks,material,etc…One of them was naturally gifted, hard working and ended up with a rank of around 3500 which got him into a not so good department in a not so good IIT. What happened to the other guy,he got a rank of 112 S.C.category and ended up in IIT madras. When the marks were out , 3500 dude scored 212 and the other guy scored 102 which you'll notice is not even half the total this guy scored after working his ass off.Now it was it this point of time that they realised the differences between them and that lead to a lot of unfortunate events and they don't bother to talk to each other anymore. The point is both of them had the same opportunity same faculty to work with, same friends to hang out with and why should one be given additional advantage over the other??

    incident 2)Well this happened in my hostel. A guy from so-called under-privileged classes comes up to another guy and invites him to have a game.
    UPG:come on maama lets go and have a game..
    OG:lite maama exams approaching and i hardly know the syllabus.
    UPG:come on dude. i am going to give the same exams and i am no good either.
    OG:areyy you are a S.C. ra,, u can manage good job with a 6 point something. I can qualify to sit in the interview only if i have 7.5+ Now get the f***k out of here..

    Who do you find at fault in the above two cases?
    I can't blame anyone but the system…

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