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Hi my name is POTHOLE. I am 100% sure that you know me, only that you know me in a grudging way. You always treat me with contempt and anger. You always complain about me to the authorities. They always come to me with tar and mortar to fill me up. But deep inside their heart they have a sympathy for me and so they try to leave me after a strict warning. But through this blogger I am invited as a guest writer to write a blog about my never stated advantages. I will try to clear out all the misunderstandings which you might have over me. Also I would recommend few things which you might try to implement with the authorities rather than complaining,
My never stated ADVANTAGES:
I act as an unofficial speed breaker towards speeding vehicles. Wherever I am present in the busy junctions, I tend to slow the speed of the vehicles and thereby avoid accidents. But rather than appreciating my benevolent service vehicle users curse me. I am doing such a thankless job.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Use me and my folks in the busy roads and traffic, accidents would be such less things in the future.
Whenever two lovers are going in a two wheeler or else in an auto, I try to bring them together. Whenever they bounce on me, they tend to touch each other and with their each touch their bond of love increases. But still no one endorses my importance.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Use me and my folks while in love or else trying to get close. I am of such use.
I also undertake a social responsibility of creating jobs wherever I am present. Shocked? Learn it from me how I do it.
Whenever any vehicle user tries to trample over me with his speed, I tend to ract in such a harsh manner that his vehicle would go to repair. The vehicle mechanics in the city should always be indebted to me for they get of their jobs courtesy me. But no one understands my importance.
Not only to mechanics, Government contractors, labourers and everyone else is somewhat benefitted by me being present in the middle of the road. But is there a recognition for my services? Nah! Talk of people being selfish.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Set up an authority which recognises the potholes of the year and award them suitably. A committee preferable with Justice Sri Krishna as the Chairman should be set up to recognise our services.
Many people often say spending money on me is useless. But ask me, I would say that I am sprucing up the economy of India. Any effort to cover me up costs money and so I am bringing out money from Government to cover me up. And more money will be brought in to the economy the more number of times they cover me up. So am I not helping the poor economy of India? But recognition?Ahh
RECOMMENDATIONS: Set up an authority with Sri Krishna as the Chairman to study the economical advantages of having me.
I always try to store rain water. I was the one who gave Chandrababu Naidu the idea to harvest rain water. But it seems no one is willing to take out water from me except for the mosquitos. Never mind, I feed whoever comes to me first. First come first served.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Declare a patent for me for the idea of Rainwater harvesting. That is what is my demand. A committee, er, again Him, should be set up.
I can still rant on and on of my advantages but it seems that this blogger is finding it hard to read me to this extent. I leave this time, but always remember that the next time you encounter any pothole, treat it with respect. You can live without your wife but you cannot live without me. I thank this blogger to have given me this opportunity to come clean and defend myself. Thank you buddy
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. ho my dear pothole……. from now on everybbody ll respect u… dont worry!!!!!!!

  2. Kalyan Chakravarthy

    hey krishna … sarcastically well composed article.. i loved the way you explained the whole scenario… so now we can proudly claim- we have speed brakers in India for every 100 mts in order to lessen accidents … 🙂

  3. MaNi

    Potholes's sarcastic story!
    Thumbs up

  4. Radhakrishna Murthy

    Ya! U r doing great job by giving chances to Doctors,Laboratories as well as Pharmaceutical companies. Thank u Pothole for ur services.

  5. It was good.but the thing is that now a days these are new inventions for the road contractors to make some money again and again by doing the same work.those say we have family and if we do work correctly then who will assign work for us.These potholes are banks for all.

  6. Jayaprakash

    Mr.Pothole don't anounce to the wold abt the advantages importance of you so loudly.Let us wish CM KUNJETI ROSHAIAH did not hear or read your blog.other wise he may order retrenchment in the police dept.he may order to arrange posting u'r clan in the important traffic junctions,with which crime rate will go up,naxals may gain upper hand over the govt.and etcso u please shut u'r ———- hole.

  7. Wonderful read. You gave voice to one of the most downtrodden being of the world. Besides sarcasm, the compassion also ornaments the piece. Keep going!

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