The week of DRUGS and KABJA

This week has been the most extra-ordinary in terms of controversies for Tollywood. First it was the ‘kabja’ case of Srikanth. And secondly it was the ‘drug’ drama which has been going on secretly and one which blew over everyone’s face.
When we talk about Srikanth’s plight, it is quite a common happening for most of the land owners in the state. There are scores of individuals who have foregone their lands due to these “kabjas.” Those who had a lot of moolah on their hands went for settlements and those who had belief (?) in the judicial system have gone to courts (my guesss is that not a single case might have been disposed) and those who are helpless either way have forgone their lands. In Srikanth’s case, it is interesting to note the plight of a HERO who perhaps would be really feeling the torture of a villain. Hope that the issue would be resolved soon. second controversy is a big threat to the society. The drug scandal was a thing which was waiting to be explode sooner or later. When Bharat and Raghu, brothers of Raviteja, were caught everyone who is remotely connected to Tollywood started expecting that more names might tumble out. And expectedly, the media went on overdrive and announced a host of names, albeit prematuredly announced those names who are not even connected to the racket at all. With many more names under whispers, the media and the public are waiting to see how many spoilt brats and girls are roaming around the city and putting their own lives and the health of the society in danger.
More drama is expected…
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. MaNi

    Vellu chesede chatha cinemalu… malli ee gola okati!

  2. asalu srikanth oka hero ani evarikaina gurtunnda? remember once few years back Rekha {the bollywod actress } was invited for some celebration event of tollywood ,she burst out into words saying here am shocked to see Srikanth to be called as a STAR!!!!!!

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