A vicious propoganda on AR Rahman

It is very tough to retain the adulation in public. No matter how big a celebrity is and no matter how great his track record and success rate is, the media will always be at the back of him/her to berate him at all times. I just came across some stupid article in a site which is trashing the very person who was hailed as path-breaker not long ago. The celebrity under scanner is none other than AR Rahman, the very music maestro who won two oscars for his compositions at the Oscars.
Two average albums in the form of Komaram Puli and Robot, from the Maestro, has made him a target of the media which is at the neck of him. The media is saying that he has lost touch with the pulse of the audience and is targetting the international market instead of his core audience comprising of Indians. The article which I mentioned above is almost going to the extent of rubbishing AR Rahman as a musician and is accusing him that he does not possess talent in music at all and he is just a music arranger, and his success is due to his luck and an erstwhile great team.
This vicious propoganda against humble man from Chennai seems to be conspired from his distractors. And a person like AR Rahman need not have the controversies of these kind. Rahman earlier too was accused of average music, but each time he was criticised, he came out with chartbusters which bowled his fans and music lovers alike.
I sincerely hope that the site which made these defaming comments would withdraw their comments and tender an apology to this unassuming person.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Anonymous

    Veedi moham.. GA gadiki articles emi dorakanappudu readers ni pages ki stick cheskodanki edokati rasi pettukuntadu!
    Appudu mahesh babu, ippudu Rahman… I agree that GA is best among AP, kani ila rayadam emi bagoledu!
    Don't forget he has an oscar in his bag n yet much to give.

  2. Anonymous

    it is really nice

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