Independence Day- A contrasting picture

Every Independence Day, our spirits soar high in patriotism and its fervor. We suddenly become so proud that we are Indians. We celebrate every I-Day as if we have achieved something great. Yes, I do agree that we have achieved a lot in the 63 years we have been set free, also there is a lot to achieve. But is our Independence free to all? Do we really respect our Freedom? Consider these examples which have happened on this I-Day, which would put in perspective the very fruits of Freedom.
1. A suspended constable in Kashmir throws his shoe at Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah at the time of flag hoisting.
2. A group of women thrash another woman in a village of Nalgonda district in AP. And a news reporter covers all the thrashing in his video camera with glee without stopping the event.
The first event is a regular happening in Kashmir and it is n surprise that these kind of protests happen in the state. But what is surprising is that this suspended constable was able to make it to a closed event such as flag hoisting. He was taken into custody and is being interrogated. “It was just a shoe, thankfully not a stone,” exulted the Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who is under fire for the recent upheaveal in the state. Strangely this shoe-pelting came from a policeman instead of commoners.
The second event asks for even more introspection as there was no minister involved and not even any law enforcing agencies. It was just few enraged ladies who were angry over another lady of their village alleging that she indulged in witchcraft. But the greatest irony is that the media, which always becomes the moral police, did not stop the thrashing of the lady. What the media should have done is to control the situation and make the angry public see reason to involve the police. Even the channel bosses telecasted the event as if an irony on the Independence of the country, but what about the responsibility of the media? This is a debatable question and channel is culpable to crime in equal terms along with other women.
Independence Day is always celebrated to signal in personal freedom but what is the kind of independence we are enjoying today? The kind of independence which tramples on other’s independence. Let us introspect within ourselves about our own freedom becoming a hindrance to other’s freedom.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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