Encountering a GAY

Accept it or not, Our society is very judgmental with regards to any individual’s sexuality. It decides the character of a person by the choice of his/her sexuality. There would be few individuals who are brave enough to defy the societal and familial pressures by openly declaring their choice but there are countless others who just suppress their feeling for the sake of ridicule.
But the mental depression and dire physical need just gets the better of these secret individuals and in those moments they act in an abnormal way which will put others into discomfort.
1. You never know about a neighbor having eyes for you. What if he/she is a gay?
3. You never know about the sexuality of the person you are giving lift to in a traffic. What if he/she is a gay?
4. You never know about the sexuality of the security guy frisking you at a public place. What if he/she is a gay?
All is fine till these unknown guys remain secluded in the cocoons of their life. All the trouble will start when he/she openly declares about their feelings and needs.
This is where the society needs to understand the feelings of these ridiculed lot. But as a chauvinistic society which thinks of beings ‘traditional’ we are suppressing ‘rights’ and freedom of some individuals. We may be forcing them to live in such and such a way which is not natural for them but may be natural for us.
The Supreme Court gave a decision recently about gay rights and the world itself is coming to terms with these third sexual people. Some fundamentalists and relgious heads are crying hoarse over the developments but “GAYS” are a reality to live with.
It is better to start accomodating and accepting them rather than ridiculing them to embarrassment.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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