Yamudu/Singam: B-grade movie with A-Grade stars

Any movie which has Suriya in the lead is deemed to be a special one for movie lovers. His films always have that eceletic mix of engaging the masses as well as the class alike. That he has evolved as an actor with each passing movie would be an understatement for this talented actor. He always seemed to be offered a variety of roles to boost his profile. Most of his films had that variety which endeared him to the movie lovers across Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. But of late it seems that Suriya is wishing for an image change and wishing to get a Mass Hero title. Or else there is no other justification for his recent release “Yamudu” (Singam in Tamil).
This film shows us that Suriya is indeed willing to get that Mass Hero image and has done a role of a upright policeman which most of the established Mass heroes starting from MGR, NTR, Rajnikanth, Chiranjeevi, Vijayakanth, Balakrishna have done to death. But obviously the role of a policeman offers so much of variety to every hero that becoming a perfect police finds a direct entry into masses’ hearts. And Suriya has succeeded somewhat with his role of Narasimha. He shouted and shrieked at bad guys, jumped and kicked bad guys and finally the movie is over. That is how I can sum up Suriya’s performance in the movie.
Keeping him company is beautiful Anushka as the tall city girl who is heads over heels in love with Suriya. She does her part well. But one expects more of Anushka who sizzled as Arundathi and Saroja in her recent movies. But what is surprising is her pairing with Suriya which has zilch chemistry. May be that was due to the height difference between the stars.
Coming to the villain of the film, Prakash Raj dons his part for the umpteenth time without any variations. He does his stuff as Purushottam who always stays on the correct side of the law without getting into trouble. But the difference this time is that Prakash Raj has not given his voice for the telugu version and instead some other artiste dubbed for him.
Talking of technical details, the story and screenplay penned by Director Hari are just an Okay variety. The screenplay is engaging sometimes but the story is nothing new and has been seen plenty number of times. His direction can be termed as the same as he relied on his cinematographer and editor to bring in pace to his average story. The music is a bit better with Devi Sri Prasad coming with couple of hummable numbers.
On the whole, Yamudu offers some entertainment in the two and half hours and once you are out of the theater there is nothing of worth remembrance. It is strictly for Suriya’s loyalist fans wanting him to get a Mass image.
Krishna Chaitanya.

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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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