Tollywood’s Drug Drama

“Tollywood is in the grip of Drug Abuse.”
“Some of the leading stars of the industry are heavily into consuming these contrabands.”
” The Police are tracking the network of these stars actively.”
This is news has really caught the public unawares. That some of the stars they adore so much have become addicts for drugs has shaken them so much.
How did Tollywood, the eternally conservative industry, get itself caught into the drug racket. One reason can be  attributed to the development of the city of Hyderabad. Ever since the IT boom happened, many MNCs have flown in and along with these companies, some nefarious elements which strapped themselves for exploring a new market.
It appears as though these elements have spread their tentacles much deep and the affluent sections of Hyderabad’s society are already into their net. It was just a matter of time for some of the Tollywood’s disgruntled stars to fall into their trap. And the ever sleeping police have made matters so simple for these befarious elements by just ‘sleeping’ to their whims.
But it seems now that the police have finally ‘woken’ up and are gearing up to nab the drug mafia. Some Nigerians have been arrested who were trying to sell drugs on the streets as if they were selling some fruit. Now after arresting these Africans, the police got the clues to the way Drug mafia has spread in the society and have learned about the activities of some Cine Stars.
As per a news paper report, A music director and his actress friend, one star-son who is also a noted hero, an upcoming heroine and son of an member of parliament are in the radar of the police and are being monitored on a daily basis. Also some of the pubs being owned by the celebrities and the parties hosted in these pubs are being monitored very closely. The police is expecting more of the skeletons to topple from the cupboard of Tollywood before  the activities of Drug Mafia be scuttled.
Even the celebrities of Tollywood who are always looked up to as Role Models for the society should refrain themselves from becoming victims of this unwanted practice.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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