Is Sunidhi Chouhan being neglected?

Sunidhi chouhan the leading playback singer who started her career in playback singing with the movie, “Mast” made people tap their foots in enjoyment for years to come. The way she rendered her vocals made her a household name and the extremely peppy voice of hers regaled the audience. She achieved lot of fame within a short period ever since she burst on to the scene as a child prodigy in the talent show, Meri Awaaz Suno, in the mid nineties. But is the Music Industry giving Sunidhi the recognition she deserves?
Sunidhi is one of those singers who tried to make her career with the uniqueness in her voice and break the presumed barriers in mainstream Bollywood music . Her voice was her identity to reach everyone and its quite obvious that she succeeded out of her sheer talent instead of some Godfather promoting her. gifted voice of Sunidhi can electrify the stage she sings for and those who listen to her. The testimony for this is her songs in the film, “Dhoom.” It is a fact that it is her renedition of the title number which dragged people into the theaters. Even Sunidhi made people jump with amazement when she made Aishwarya groove to her renedition of “Krazzy Kiya Re,” in Dhoom-2 and it is Sunidhi’s talent which lifted Aishwarya’s grace and attitude in the fast paced number. And Bipasha went on record thanking Sunidhi for “Beedi Jalaile…” which, Bips states, is the best item song in her career.
With such talent at her disposal and variations in her voice, Sunidhi ought to have scaled much heights in her career but is finding the going tough as the music directors prefer the shrill voices of the so-called melody singers than the versatile voices of the likes of Sunidhi.
I personally feel that no melody singer can do justice to the numbers, like “Aisa Jadoo…”. Even though they can sing, the extra zing which Sunidhi brings into the number cannot be matched. Iam not criticising the melody queens but am just saying that music industry must explore the diverse voices of the singers than just believing that melody is the only way of singing.
It is time the Music Industry and the composers utilise the precocious talent of Sunidhi Chouhan and her ilk.
Deepthi Chary.
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  1. Venkat

    Wow! That is a good article. Din't know that Sunidhi is actually being neglected.

  2. Sunidhi is one of my Fav..
    shs is a best singer.

  3. Might that be sweet melodious or husky tapping number.. singer ought to perform many things a time!
    She's good great n marvelous, I'm shocked to know that she's being neglected. Bud there are times and you'll come out of them yaar!

  4. thanx all for your response ..

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