Naruda Emi Nee Korika

“Naruda Emi nee Korika?” asks Patala Bhairavi to NTR in the evergreen hit film, ‘Paatala Bhairavi‘. NTR replies with his request and lo his request is granted. If the same Paatala Bhairavi would present itself to any person getting settled in Hyderabad or for that matter in any city in India, he would immediately ask, “Amma Naakoka Identity proof with Residence proof ivvu.”

Though it may seem tongue-in-cheek, the reality of the travails of new settlers in cities echoes the statement. They face an identity crisis without any ID Card which would make them eligible to get benefits of modern world. Go to any mobile store, you might get a cell phone by paying a few thousands of rupees but getting a sim card to make calls and receive calls, you need an ID. Not only an ID card, you need a Residence proof. And not all cards indicating an address would do, you are supposed to provide any phone bill, electricity bill (on your name and not on owner‘s name) or else a bank pass book. If you think that it is better to get started with a bank, they would ask you the same residence proof. They would ask you a phone bill, electricity bill or else any bank pass book showing your address. when the person wanting to avail some services questions that he need not come to get a phone connection if he already has one, the executive at the counter would reply, ‘Government Rules, Sir! We are just following them. We cannot give any new connection to anyone without ascertaining their identity.‘
Hearing those statements one would assume that he is being thought as some terrorist who is planning a strike in the city. At that point of time, he would curse himself and curse the society around him to no end. Being a citizen of India and paying all his taxes, he cannot get a proper claim on any service because he doesnot have an ID card or a Residence proof. These days it is getting tough to even get a vehicle out of a showroom without a PAN card (again to get it the regular residence proof is required)
At the end of the day, one would just shrug off the pain of feeling outsider in his own country and adjust with the system as the show must go on. It might be easier to get Paatala Bhairavi before you rather than getting a residence and ID proof.
So what are you waiting for guys get in search of Paatala Bhairavi.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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