Casting Couches? Ouch….

Tollywood is emerging. There is no doubt about it. New stories are emerging out of the minds of the writers, directors. Not only that youngsters are being brought out on to the scene like never before. This is a golden time for newbies to get a role.
But how are Tollywood people finding these wannabes? Where is tollywood spotting on them? In the old days, the producers used to advertise for actors and used to get many applications from wannabe actors. These actors at that point would be roaming around production offices for a role and would undergo auditions and screentests at every juncture of their career till get on to a success. NTR, ANR, Chiranjeevi and all others are examples to this trend.
Later on came the wave of sons and daughters (a trend which still continues) and notable among this breed are Balakrishna, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Mahesh, Prabhas and others. But now there is a latest trend coming into Tollywood. This can be called as ‘Lifestyle casting.‘
This latest trend came into our notice when a friend of our staff landed on a big role in the movie of a big producer. When we quizzed this heroine about this, she came out with some secrets which truly amazed us. Read on what she had to say to us:“I had big dreams to become a big star in films. I always wanted to sizzle on the big screen. To see myself on the screen I was ready to sacrifice to any lengths. I did not know how to get a role. I approached many production offices. I was asked to submit my photographs at the desk and leave. I managed to be friendly with some Production Managers but could not get near any Producer or else a director. They were at a different level. And these production managers offered me itsy-bitsy roles. The ones like standing one among the crowd behind the heroine or else drooling over the hero. But I did not want to be one among the crowd. I wanted to be the center of the crowd. After two years of being friendly with production managers I wanted to make it big. And I followed a strategy.”
She paused a while to look into our reactions. She started out a bit later,
“I started to get to know the schedule of this director. He was a fitness freak. He visits a expensive gym in Jubilee Hills and works out vigorously. I gave myself two months of time to get to this guy. I had a make over on myself and joined this gym. Within a month or so I got to get introduced to him. Another 10 days we became close and by the next month, he promised me this role. And here I am.” We could not stop our excitement at her plan being successful and we asked her, “So you are a trendsetter. You have opened up new gates for getting a role.”
She laughed out loud at our statement and said, “I am not the one, there are many in tollywood who have made it big like this. In fact when I first joined this gym, I have seen a young director making friends with a B-grade hero. He has directed a film recently. I am not new, there are many following this. But you have to remember I still had to make my sacrifices.”
This new casting ways had our heads spinning. So any wannabe actors, directors or technicians, you can follow the new path.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Priyaa

    hi! i loved the article on tollywood casting couch. Very well written pleasure to read and find out whats happenning

  2. Kalpana Reddy

    join a gym? lol….good one

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