Litmus test for UNITY

The stage is all set for the by-elections of Telengana on 27th of July. This elections were necessiated after the TRS forced its MLAs to resign accusing the Central Government on taking a U-turn after announcing a favorable decision on the separate state.
As soon as the Central Government announced that it would ask the State Government to forward a resolution in the Assembly over the formation of Telengana, many of the MLAs of the other regions protested the move and resigned enmasse, saying that they were cheated. They demanded that the state be United.
10 MLAs of the TRS, 1 MLA of the BJP and 1 MLA from the TDP had resigned forcing this by-elections over the populace within one year of the general elections. The strategy for all the parties contesting in the elections is the same, SEPARATE TELENGANA, but the TRS positions itself as a champion of the cause whereas the Congress and the TDP challenge its reputation. The Congress and TDP are contesting the elections saying that the TRS Chief, KCR has always cheated the public of Telengana saying that he would bring about the Separate State. But whereas, they claim, KCR only brought about by-elections each time on the public when his image suffered a blow.
But there is a feeling among the people that the TRS had never concentrated on developmental activities and always rided on sentiment rather than its track record. Some of the critics of KCR say that he has championed the cause of Telengana but never concentrated on the problems faced by the region. Had he fought over the issues, then the public would have been confident over him.
But as most parties say, these by-elections are a testimony to the sentiment of Telengana. If the TRS manages to capture all of its 10 seats then it would be a severe blow on the Congress and the TDP but if the TRS manages to lose even one seat the United Andhra protagonists will have reason to smile and claim moral victory.
The ball is now in the court of people. Let them cast their wish which would showcase whether they want Unity or separate Entity.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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  1. i dont think, if TRS wins all seats with, will he get separate telangana without nodding of central government. again, he will orders his fellas to resign for the separate telangana issue, and the people of the region are forced for elections. its routine farce of KCR

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