A few days back, an online friend of mine has invited me to the screening of a documentary film called, “A DREADFUL FATE,” which I wished to skip citing various reasons. But as quirk of events happen, I did attend the screening which took place at Prasads Laboratories in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. After the screening, I felt a sense of happiness over seeing a film which ought to be showcased and promoted widely.

It is not the aesthetics of film making or the pure techniques of docu-drama. It is a sense of purpose and sincerity with which it was made and the topic, which the film discusses which distinguish it. The film, “A DREADFUL FATE” discusses the perennial and diabolical issue of FLOUROSIS in the district of Nalgonda which falls in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.
The film gives an insight into the perennial problem, a curse by mother nature, callousness of the ruling class and lack of awareness among the affected, put forth an alarming disease to spread its tentacles and decapacitate the future generations. Nalgonda district for long has been the epicenter of deposits of flouride which inturn has polluted the water and when taken in without treating it, spreads a deadly disease called FLOUROSIS. The victims of the disease can’t live for more than 10 years because of the gradual degeneration of the bones and other resistance power in the body. But the worst part of the disease is that it affects the children quite easily.
As per the doctors, the only remedy for the disease is proper nutrition and safe drinking water. But that is where the apathy of the ruling class comes in. Those elected representatives who represent the people forget that they have been elected to represent their people and instead start representing themselves. And in the process have neglected a complex problem which has now spread its tentacles all over the district and is now threatening to endanger future generations. The danger of FLUOROSIS needs to be tackled immediately and once for all.
Coming back to the film, “A DREADFUL FATE,” the young team of director, Dulam Satyanarayana, producer Lavanya Krishnan and the technical team consisting of all youngsters need to be commended for bringing out an societal problem with such effect that shows the ruling apathy as well as the epicenter of the problem in an effective manner. The film discusses the problem and also offers us the solutions through the talk of experts dealing with the issue. If only the Government is listening, the dreadful issue would have been tackled long back.
One should salute the efforts of this young team and wish them all the success in showcasing, “A DREADFUL FATE” to a wider audience across the globe.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. MaNi

    Bro is this movie available on Youtube?
    Seems good ans must watchable!

  2. Not yet available…DVD is out and might be in stores…Shud see the status of this in Film Festivals

  3. MaNi

    Yea.. wishing them all da success

  4. hi, i am impressed with ur team and work done by u guys, i want to be a part of it, plz provide me contact details, i am interested in working regarding Flourosis issue

  5. U are welcome bhararshining….You can contact the film maker DUlam Satyanarayana on Facebook….Just search for his name u will get him…

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