Time for Ethical piracy?

I just read a blog from one of our fellow writers about the need for piracy which I share the link with you all.


Well, though there are certain points which I disagree with him, I would like to add that there is a lacunae in the present system that promotes piracy. What matters for a producer is that there is a leakage of revenue  on the film for which he has invested some crores.  He has every right to feel aggrieved if he feels that his rightful revenue is lost on him due to this ‘piracy’.

The pirates who are indulging into piracy are tapping a market which is virtually unexplored. If the makers of the films can afford to tap these avenues to which they have never reached then most of their problem would be tackled. But for that it needs a backing of the society and also the Government. Also the producers of a film need to know where the demand for their film might be. A telugu film might be in demand in a North-Eastern town and the producers should keep his options open to take his film there too. If not physically at least through digital means. Then only the leakage can be controlled, if not totally eradicated.

He argued that the film makers of today are just aping the creativity of some other person and making big money. Agreed this comes under some other kind of piracy. Most of the films being made in India are the carbon copies of creative products of some others in some part of the world. And this trend should be discouraged if the producer had not obtained the rights of the original. But what if the content generated by the person is his own and original thought?

May be it is time for ethical piracy just like ethical hacking. Any thoughts on this?

Krishna Chaitanya.


About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Anonymous

    What rubbish and bullshit you are talking? what ethical piracy?
    please write some sensible thing. They put lot of money, time and hard work in making films. They can be inspired by some ideas and stories, it doesn't mean its a carbon copy. Please keep some brains while writing articles.

  2. Anonymous

    It might sound insensible but there are some people who are indulging in piracy just because they do not like the content of the film and so the producer deserves to lose his money…May be it is time to think for some really out-of-the box solutions….

  3. Your review to the stated article looks a bit close to ethics.But I'd say this… you'd like to take on this or wanted to explore the opportune?

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