Many rave reviews for a telugu film? Then it should be a dud at the box-office. This has been the trend in recent times at the Tollywood Box-office. Prasthanam and Andari Bandhuvaya are shining examples in this aspect. These films met with critical acclaim but not money.
But VEDAM happens to be a different case. It has won great reviews and also won good collections. What is the difference? May be the presence of stars of the caliber of Allu Arjun, Anushka and Manchu Manoj. But still the other movies of these stars were super flops, “Varudu”, “Panchakshari” and “Nenu Meeku Telusa” for each star respectively. So what is different with “Vedam.” The only difference with Vedam is the treatment of these stars as characters who can be easily identified with any person from the society.
Youngsters like Cable Raju (Allu Arjun) who dream to become big by duping and marrying a rich girl (Deeksha) are common. When the demands of maintaining a rich girlfriend starts to become expensive over the tiny pockets of a slum dweller, the path of the commoner becomes doubly dangerous. In this part Allu Arjun excelled as an actor. He set aside his starry image to enact the best role of his life. His catch phrase “Deenamma Jeevitam” defines his attitude towards life.
A budding musician, Vivek (Manoj) learns the ways of life through his journey from Bangalore to Hyderabad. He learns that a little helping hand towards others is what is required to be called a “Human Being.” But sometimes that helping hand comes with a huge cost.
Amalapuram Saroja (Anushka), a prostitute learns that breaking free in a world of leeches and scheming demons is always tough for beautiful and overbearing girls like her. Her dreams of owning a brothel after her escape to Hyderabad from the clutches of Rathamma lead her to a different life altogether.
Quereshi (Manoj Bajpai) learns that there are two extremes in every person and there are some who lead their lives just to spread hatred. These people are common in every religion be it Hindu or Muslim. He learns this truth along with the police officer (Ravi Prakash) the hardway.
Education comes with a price, especially if you are indebted to someone and are not in a position to repay the debt. This harsh lesson is learnt by Ramulu (Nagayya) and his daughter-in-law Padma (saranya) the most difficult way. Their only wish of educating their ward Seenu is cut short as they are in debt of Patel. To release him bondage they are out to Hyderabad to sell of a kidney.
Persons like these are common everywhere and Vedam shows them to us much closer and in a way which appeals. The lasting impact of these characters is the way each character redeems itself by way of doing something to the society.
Krish, the director of Vedam has shown that his earlier film, Gamyam was just a starting point and there is still more to come from him in the way of films. He created a new trend of showing PHILOSOPHY THROUGH FILMS.
Telugu Cinema is evolving and in a short period three films of note have marvelled cinema fans, “Prasthanam, Andari Badhuvaya and Vedam” have started out a different course for meaningful cinema with the active participation of stars. t is a win-win situation for Tollywood if the trend catches up and more directors emerge to explore the virtually unexplored aspect of human psyche.
But for VEDAM, I would say “VEDAM FOR LIFE”. Go for it and “GET A LIFE”.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.



    yeah it has a gr8 and gud stuff….but da climax wud hav been much better….few dilouges between 5 main characters….a small plan between dem…a bit dramatic…both of dem die in executing it succesfly…..!!!wat say?….

  2. Satya Prasad

    Truly a worth to watch movie……VEDAM

  3. Anonymous

    For your kind information, VEDAM is no great movie. In fact OM Shanti also the same concept but it didnt have stars. Vedam was much hyped because of stars and it was over publicized because of the producers circle. Otherwise that is a normal below average film. Except Cable Raju's character there is nothing good in the movie. He only entertained. What exactly the director krish wanted to convey through SAROJA, a waste character in the movie. OM shanti did not have Saroja character. She got nothing to do with the movie.

  4. Sowjanya

    Vedam took one in announcement and making which in the meanwhile “Om Shanti” was announced and also made and got released…So can't the story idea be replicated? BTW, “Om Shanti” did not have the emotional undercurrents as Vedam

  5. Sowjanya

    Vedam took one year in announcement and making, I wanted to say…

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