Maoists! The new terrorists

India has plethora of unsolved problems. There are many sections of the society which feel neglected and feel discriminated against. In the early days of independence a movement had started in the West bengal village of Naxalbari against the existing Zamindari system and it was called the Naxalite Movement. Many a decades have passed and the movement spread to many corners of the country.
The ideology of the Naxalites had impressed the rural youth who felt victimised by the atrocities of the affluent and influenced of the society formed the cadre of the Naxalite movement. The elite of the educated class who felt injustices of the political and the upperclass fuelled the movement with their revolutionary writings and thoughts. With the cause looking just, the war of the naxalites always was with the system and not with the general public.
But with changing times and age, the Naxalites have grown bigger and have become Maoists. They merged with the Maoist party in Nepal and have grown bigger. They just have not grown bigger but have become a bigger threat for the safety of the country. The ideology which they propounded earlier has gone for a toss and what the Maoists now are doing is for their survival. And for that they have started to kill innocent public. They are sacrificing the very public whom they have sought to protect from the system.
From a societal problem, the Maoists have become a threat for the existence of the society. If one follows the recent incidents of the Maoists, train blasts in West bengal, Dantewada killings and all, it is crystal clear that they are waging a war against India and are ready to go to any lengths to topple the democracy of the country and grab power by the use of GUN.
It is time the people of the country weed out the supporters of the Maoists be traced and put under trial. The Home Minister of the country may call them the “New Terrorists” but the Government needs to do much more to tackle this problem and save innocent people from dying.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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  1. Anonymous

    govt ufffffffffffffff what govt unless we indians join as a national force
    we want othrs to solve our problem
    hey bythe way happy mariied life

    do i have to type my name
    an indian

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