The DRAMA continues…….

As we discussed in the previous post of mine, the drama which was kick-started by the belligerent posture of YS Jagan and KCR has taken a violent turn with the Railway station of Mahbubabad turning into a battle zone with pro and anti-Jagan groups targetting each other with stones and bullets.
The TRS which was waiting to revive the Telangana movement which was subsiding got a golden opportunity with the visit of Jagan and did all it wants by whipping up emotions in the minds of the people. And the party succeeded in a way. TRS just wanted to keep people in tension and frenzied mode till the by-elections of Assembly seats. It believes that any visit by leaders of other regions may dilute its hold and may give a death blow to its aspirations on winning the elections.
Even Jagan who always claimed that he was on a personal visit than a political one, too became a overnight hero in the other regions. The sceptics who believed that the young MP was still in the gigantic shadow of his father now acknowledge that he has grown as an individual leader with yesterday’s incident. With him postponing his visit saying that he would conduct his tour after Telangana by-elections has went well with his sympathisers and other people in the region.
Those who suffered were the innocent train passengers who were travelling to their destinations and got in between the warring political factions and got injured with the stone pelting and bullet firing. Sure someone needs to be reprimanded for this kind of situation to have gone out of control. Some leaders who claim that they are fighting for a case should understand that whipping up passions and encouraging cadre and students to resort to is no solution for their cause. If they do not mend their ways there might be hatred developing towards themselves in their own region.
Krishna Chaitanya.

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