What if??

Hindsight is the best sight anybody can have. Is not it? Of late even our film makers are contemplating to have hindsight rather than foresight. Fun apart, two films have stood out as sore thumbs of late for marketing strategies gone horribly wrong for their films.
“Kites” is a shining example for the marketing strategy going horribly wrong. The film was a truly cross-over and it had all the ingredients to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but only it was marketed as an Indian, rather as a Bollywood, film which really boomeranged on the faces of Rakesh Roshan and Anurag Basu bigtime.
The film had its heroine speaking Spanish and most of its cast speaking English and the language it was touted to be made in, Hindi, had minimum dialogues. And those who expected it to be a Hindi film found it to be not to their tastes and those who wanted to see an Indian film could not adjust to its content marketed as a Hindi film and the result is an astounding failure of gigantic proportions. Even the hero of the film, Hrithik was found lamenting to the media saying that people expected a ‘biryani’ but they were served ‘Pasta’. “Kites” should be taught in Business schools for wrong marketing strategies.
Closer home in AP, “Prasthanam” becomes a marketing failure as the film was appreciated for its content but still endured losses as the producer could not place his film in the right places. The result is that a Great film could not get proper eye-balls. It is time the PRO and the marketing heads take a proper look at their strategies to give the film a proper chance to recover the investments and earn profits for the producer.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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  1. Priyaa

    Very true krishna. Infact Kites had International appeal . Most of the comments on youtube are in spanish. Hritik also looks like an international star with his powerfully built body and looks. Unfortunately as u rightly say it bombed due to poor marketing.

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