Lame excuses for failure

There has to be something correlating to the Carribbean Islands and Indian cricket. Lately, the Indian team is always faced with disaster whenever any tournament of repute is being staged over there. The ignominy of crashing out in the 2007 World Cup is still afresh in the memories and now comes yet another failure in the World Stage. Team India has crashed out of 2010 T-20 World Cup unable to win even a single match in the Super 8s.
The Indian players who had a suffocating schedule in the IPL and immediately flew to the Windies to play the World Cup had no respite to recover from the fatigue and their niggles. And the result is that India had to exit from the World cup in ignominy. None of the players could adjust to the sudden change in the quality of the opposition they play. In the IPL they mostly faced a few local talent who were still in the learning curves of their careers or else retired stalwarts of the game who were past their prime. And IPL was a distraction for them and also under-preparation.
The traditional Indian weakness of facing the rising delivery came to the fore with the batsmen fending off deliveries as if they are suddenly faced with hurled grenades. The Aussies and the Windies exploited this weakness and bombed India out of the race for the crown. Even the Lankan lions snatched the victory from Indians with street smart cricket and left a bad-smell in Indian fans.
The Indian Captain MS Dhoni blamed the night parties at the IPL to be the reason for the failure of the team. Whereas in the reality, rather than the parties, it is the players’ lack determination and lack of spirit to play for their country which proved the nemesis. None of the younger players appear determined to guide their team home and most of them played as if they were millionaires and not as passionate group of players.
The BCCI should learn a lesson from the debacle. It should not cramp up any cricketer’s schedule as his utility when it matters the msot would be lost when he is overused. The IPL should be shortened for the benefit of the health of Indian cricket. Cricket should not be used just for the sake of milking money as the future of the game depends upon the performances of the players.
The problem with the BCCI is that it knows where not to look at the time of crisis. There is an inquiry committee to be set up to find about the debacle, but the result would be that it is an exercise in futility.

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