Kasab is guilty! What next?

After weeks and weeks of trial and the testimonies of eyewitnesses accounts and much corraboration from FBI, it has been declared by Special Court that Ajmal Kasab is indeed guilty of the 26/11 crime in Mumbai which has jolted the entire world alike.
It is beyond doubt that Kasab was guilty of Mumbai attacks as he was caught ‘red-handed’ and the images of his havoc have been beamed LIVE to the world through our ‘beloved’ TV channels. And to pronounce him guilty after keeping him alive for 18 months is just saying that BLACK is indeed BLACK.
But the greater question about the bringing the perpetrators who have master-minded the attacks continues to hover over India’s security. The role of LeT founder Saeed and the involvement of higher-ups from across the border still remains. With each passing day, Indian cities are becoming death traps as no one ever knows where the next bomb would explode.
Citizens of industrially developed cities are living in constant fear about their lives. The police is forever in patrol and their serious under-strength is not helping the cause either. The Manmohan Singh Government which has shown enormous maturity in dealing with the external issues all these years has to show immense diplomatic skills across the negotiation table with Pakistan’s counterparts and bring the guilty to the decks of the courts. The Pakistani establishment has always denied any role in the attacks but as everyone knows, it is claiming that its CROW IS WHITE.
Pakistan must realise that it gains nothing by denying the facts and it must live up to its talk of NOT GIVING ANY OF ITS TERRITORY FOR TERRORISM. But would it live up to it is the next question.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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  1. Ajith

    Lovely article…..

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