Amid much fanfare and anticipation comes Balakrishna’s latest, “SIMHA” which is expected to restore the lost glory of this aged hero. The general expectations from any Balakrishna film (at least of late) would be that the film should be sensible and not illogical. And the Director Boyapati Srinu has taken care that his film falls exactly in between. Neither illogical nor intelligent.
If one has to review SIMHA, he has to take into account that this film was made to satisfy the wishes of Balayya’s fans and have to remember that it might not bee the creative expression of the Director. In creating this film, Boyapati Srinu has made a film which borders on insanity of its lead characters, DR. Narasimha and Lecturer Srimannarayana (Both played by Balakrishna). In order to satisfy the fan clubs, he turns his protagonist into murderous maniac who just kills and kills and kills.
The way Balakrishna’s dual characters have been developed in this movie, it shows the regressive attitude of the creative people behind this subject (if at all there was one). The director tried to put in some intellectual posturing at times (when Balakrishna ponders about his attitude) but has totally misguided it with KR Vijaya’s speech. The layers of Balakrishna’s character could have elevated this movie into another level, but the director was hell-bent to create a commercial potboiler and hence played to the galleries. And Balakrishna kills and kills and kills.
But thankfully the director refrains from conceiving illogical sequences which Balakrishna movies are famous for. Yet the episode of Sr. Balakrishna sending a man into coma for 28 years with a single punch and Jr. Balakrishna bringing him back with another punch deserves a rap on the knuckles. Also it is sad to see overaged heroes dancing with heroines who are fit to be their grand-daughters. Does anyone care? Who does when Balakrishna just kills and kills and kills…
Ultimately what remains in SIMHA is the excessive violence and understated performance of Balakrishna. It is a relief to find Balakrishna giving a subtle performance though the character is loud. All in all the movie might score a hit with some talk but I have to brand this film as a REGRESSIVE FILM MAKING.
Krishna Chaitanya

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