What is good and what is bad? Can anyone differentiate between the good and the bad? May be some persons can attribute to all things good and bad of a society, but what about those individuals who form a society? Can anyone really differentiate between GOOD AND BAD? May be never. There is nothing GOOD and there is nothing called BAD. What exists in this world is the ways of men who have taken a path for their selfish needs. And the path they choose becomes either good or bad for the society. This is the essence of the film “PRASTHANAM.”
There have been many reviews about this film, which has taken the Telugu Industry Circles by storm and announced the arrival of its Director Deva Katta as a director to reckon with, but what I would try to present over here in this article is the understanding of individuals who make a society.

For long, we have seen movies made on the society. These movies showed the rot which exists in the world and they were successful in peeling the rot and show it threadbare. But there was some lacuna in the making of these films as they never delved deep into the individuals who become the society. The rot in the minds of people was never exposed. Their internal turmoil which makes them to behave in such a manner and the reason behind their actions was never brought forward. PRASTHANAM bridges that gap.
The Director delves deep into the characters which he has created and peels them bit by bit. The layered emotions of their characters are shown with passage of time. The internal turmoil of any person comes with a baggage of past. The baggage which he carries defines the character of that person which inturn becomes the rot in the society. When the person in the question becomes a leader, the society is bound to be affected in a big way.
PRASTHANAM focusses on these internal turmoils of his lead characters and has brought forward a film which is rich in its texture and portrays an emotional drama which is dense and dark by any standards. For those who love cinema, this a trend which was not focussed till now, not by Telugu cinema at least.
The performers, with glee I call them performers than actors, have given astounding performances. Sai Kumar as the patriarch leaves a lasting impact in the career-best role of his. Sharwanand and Sandeep Kishen vy for the acting honours and have equal share in the plaudits. Overall, it is a director’s film. And Deva Katta deserves all the critical acclaim he is receiving as a Director and foremost as a Writer.
PRASTHANAM is a defining moment of Telugu Cinema. After Shiva, which relesed 2 decades ago, Prasthanam becomes the movie which would alter the course of Movie Making in telugu cinema. GO FOR THIS EMOTIONAL TREAT AND SATIATE THE EMOTIONAL QUOIENT OF YOUR HEARTS.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.


  1. Manikanth

    Definitely a wonderful and must be a mile stone movie!! I wanna hug director for this movie!!”

  2. Anonymous

    Hahahaha. Im so pity about this review. PRASTHANAM is nothing but a compilation of making style of good shots in Hollywood movies. The director is inspired with lot of movies and made up a story to create those interesting shots and blocks. If we see the movie in breaking parts as visuals, its a good eye fiesta. Thats it. There is value of even discussing about the story and screenplay its total amateurish content. It needs two more revisions to get a story out of it.

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