When fiction inspires reality?

TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION. This is an adage which is always said in the case of weird events happening all across the world. Sometimes we are even led to believe that there are somethings in the world which escape the wildest imaginations of any fiction writer or some of the dream merchants. It is true to certain extent, but most of the times some maniacs lead us to believe that the fiction often inspires realistic happenings. This is even more true in the case of easily impressionable minds who tend to believe that there is a line which separates fiction and reality.
In India, most of the fiction is beamed through to the public either through the celluloid or else the idiot box. Some of the films and soap operas often achieve cult status that public look up to it as a rallying point for their daily chores and other activities. But if they start emulating these things in the real life, then misery strikes at the very heart of those living the life.
Consider an example,

There is a Telugu film named, IDIOT, in which the hero chases the heroine like a maniac. He teases her, commands her and irritates her before she finally realises his love for her. These very acts are seen as sadistic affairs in the real life. But the director chose to highlight a sadist in a heroic depiction and a trend followed in which most of the heoric characters chase their heroines instead of winning their love with love. The very director came out with different films bordeering on similar characterisation of the lead hero and it became an acceptable behaviour among the youth.
Just tread across any lane in some rural or semi-urban areas there would be examples of people who chase girls in the name of girl. Rejected, these maniacs turn into killers who just take to violence to get the girl they want or else kill them in the name of love. Several girls in the past few years have fallen victims to these kinds of lovers.
This leads us to a general question about what is the moral responsibility of a film maker? Many might argue that film makers do not have any as they are making films for entertaining the public. But when the entertainment they produce is becoming a dangerous trend in the lives of the very public they wish to entertain, they ought to take some responsibility.
Even the daily serials which are beamed into the drawing rooms of every household, show us families in which each and every member is scheming against the other and going to the extent of even killing them. Bigamy, polygamy are being shown as an acceptable thiing and very natural. This is a dangerous trend and these kinds should be nipped now itself lest it destruct the social fabric named FAMILY, which India takes a pride in.
I believe that there are few left who think alike and wish to bring about a change. Let us be optimistic of the coming future.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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