Hyderabad is in the news again. Only this time it is not the Law and Order situation, but due to marriage of Hyderabad’s favorite celebrity, Sania Mirza.
It was just a few months back that Sania announced that she has called off her engagement with Sohrab Mirza in order to continue her passion, tennis. But obviously Sania did not wait for long to take interest in her passion and revealed to the world that her passion indeed is Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik than tennis. And it is clear that Sania broke off her earlier engagement for Shoaib rather than tennis.
Okay! I agree that whom to marry is Sania’s personal decision and we need not poke our heads into her decision. But, Shoaib Malik is already known as “Hyderabad’s Damaad”, courtesy his marriage to Ayesha Siddiqui alias Maha Siddiqui. As soon as Sania announced “Shoaib Malik!” all the hell broke loose in the Indian media. For the Pakistani media, Sania might be a catch but for the Indian media, Shoaib is controversy. And controversy meanss big TRPs and big TRPs mean big money.
So, the already busy media covering the events of Hyderabad for the past 6 months has got busy again, camping outside Sania’s house. They are trying to catch something happening at her residence. The Siddiquis who feel cheated by Shoaib for ditching their daughter after announcing to the world that he has married her indeed. They have filed against him in court for cheating her daughter. They want respect for their daughter.
The drama is not ending here as more and more players are emerging. One channel roped in brother-in-law of Shoaib to come clear on Ayesha. He responded in a big way accusing the Siddiquis of cheating Shoaib. And then more drama followed as Ayesha countered him and revealed their conversations and the reservations of Shoaib after getting married to her. All this drama was live on TV and the channel got more TRPs for this real life drama. Suddenly Sania’s marriage drama is threatening to take away the sheen from the IPL.
Today was the scene for even more drama as Shoaib was suddenly found on the terrace of Sania’s house in Hyderabad and Mother Mirza trying to explain angry Daugther Mirza of something. These pictures were happening live in front of the world and the omni present media captured gleefully.
As things stand now, it is onus on the Siddiquis, Mirzas and Maliks to make things smooth and take things to their logical end. But with general public also not favoring Sania’s decision, this is one marriage which is not made for each other.
Some politicians are entering into the scene and Tennis Assocciation of Pakistan wants to claim Sania and the Indian Association is not ready to lose their prodigy. Things might move to Dubai soon as Maliks expect some trouble in Hyderabad on April 15th, the proposed date of marriage.
Wait for more DRAMA to unfold on your TV screens.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

One comment

  1. Sowjanya

    Now Shoaib has divorced Ayesha…Hids bluff has come out…Despite whatever his claim is Ayesha is his first wife….

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