In the name of EQUALITY

India might be a democracy and might proclaim equality for all. But it has always been proven factually that some people are more EQUAL than others. These EQUALS and their EQUAL KITH AND KIN command more EQUALITY in India more than anybody else. By EQUALS we mean Powerful individuals.
Read this and determine whether this story looks familiar or not
1. An elder lawyer who made a fortune out of arguing for Law and people makes his son study in foreign countries. The son returns to the country and shapes the country’s destiny with a much revered man. The son struggles for the country and goes behind the bars numerous times and returns as a bigger leader every time. Finally he manages to become a premier of the Country and after him his generations continue to rule the country virtuoso becoming the first family of the Country.
Does the above story ring a bell? If it does not consider this,
2. An actor struggles to make a living out of his art. He entertains people in a big way and in reciprocal people put him in high pedestal and rever him as a GOD. When he undergoes a lull in career in his old age, he decides to do something for the people and establishes a party and tours the state to know the living conditions of the people. For their part, people get to see their GOD and return him to the post of Chief Ministership from the roads. And later his sons, grandsons and also sons-in-law continue to rule the state and more than that, they proclaim that the people of the state should be indebted to their Family as they have brought happiness to their lives.

The last statement should sum it all. These EQUALS, consider themselves as superior to all. They can crush anybody who aspires to match them word to word and blow to blow. These EQUALS desire to have no one to EQUAL them.
India at one point was a feudalistic society and most of the country was ruled by kings and Zamindars. Though India shed its feudalism and put up democratic colors it has become a fiefdom of politicians and their families. Feudalism might have gone but FEUDALISTIC MENTALITY of the people has not and till such time India will continue to create EQUALS without any EQUALITY.
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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