Democratic Kings!

India is the largest democracy in the world. This fact is agreed by everyone and also eulogised by many from the intellectual and patriotic community. But what about the obscenity which goes in the name of democracy? Sometimes we wonder whether we are living in a democratic world or else in a monarchy going by the actions of some of the so called democratic leaders.
How can one explain the garland worn by Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati on her birthday? This special garland was made with 1000 rupee notes and was worth nearly 50 crores. This garland, made in Karnataka, was a gift from a admirer of this dalit leader is to say that it is an abuse of the democracy. That a CM gets a 50 crore garland as a gift is an open offer of corruption. Whoever might be the party to the gift has done a great disservice to the nation. They have shown that those in power are guillable to the lure of money.
By wearing this garland, Mayawati may have wished to show to the world that the Dalits are no longer pushovers but a mighty class in their own. But in doing that she has trampled on the pillars of socialism and the cause she espouses. She has abused the poor in the society. If she had enough sense in her she should have channeled her admirers’ money into some charity work and for the betterment of the society which is always bereft of funds.
Mayawati’s act has stunned the nation and raised eyebrows. But such acts are not uncommon in the 63 year old democractic(??) country. The leaders (or those in power) of this country are always treated as Monarchs and are treated as Kings.
Kings and dynasties may be history in India but the democratic kings and dynasties have emerged! Time for the populace to check their rise. But who is there to bell the cat? Will these Democratic Kings bell themselves?
Krishna Chaitanya.

About krshychait

A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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  1. But having said whatever we have about mayawati..she is only doing to UP what congress has done in india for 60 years.. Played perception politics

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