Ye Maya Chesave? Magic?

The latest hit of the southern circuit, Ye Maya Chesave?, has taken the telugu film industry by surprise. In every sense of the word, this commercial film is not a commercial film. It defies the conventional definition of hero and heroine. The best thing about the film is that it is not preachy and melodramatic and treats the issues in the manner which is practical and realistic.
The film relies on the smaller details like, the way its characters talk, behave and other small things. The lead characters Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) and Jessie (Samantha) are very identifiable for the everyday youth. The problems they face in their love are those which everyone faces in their first love. He aspires to be a director, but she doesnot see films as her strict father hates films.
Though madly in love with Karthik, Jessie realises that their love has practical problems. She opposes when Karthik proposes.Karthik thinks that their religions and her being elder to him do not matter, but Jessie knows that her father will not allow their marriage. They try to remain as friends, but can’t as they love each other. They fight over the Karthik picking a fight with Jessie’s brother. She is taken away to Kerala for marriage. Karthik follows her with his actor friend (Krishnudu). He sees Jessie refusing to marry in the church and realising that she is mad for him and is over the moon.
But issues creep in as Karthik is never accepted by Jessie’s father. Unable to cope up with the pressures of family Jessie calls it quits on her relationship with Karthik and migrates to another country. Karthik is heartbroken when he learns that Jessie has married another man. He concentrates on his work and finally gets a direction chance.
Karthik becomes a director by penning his life with Jessie as a story. He achieves success in career by losing in personal life. What happened to Jessie and could Karthik fulfill that void in his personal life is the next of the story.
“Ye Maya Chesave?” is a break from routine for telugu audience who are lapping it up in a big way. The music by AR Rahman is a hit and gels with the mood and tone of the story. The photography is a highlight as
the visuals export the viewer into the minds of the characters. Finally it is the victory of director Gautham Menon to have managed a trick with the audience over this convincing portrayal of a sensitive and a very personal love story. Though he attempted something very personal with Surya S/o Krishnan, success could not be achieved. But this time he succeeded. Though some critics might say that the film was a tad over the length at 3 hours of running time, it never bores.
“Ye Maya Chesave?” is a film with heart. It is a movie for those who are in love, for those who want to fall in love and also for those who have lost and gained in love. Check this with your sweetheart and experience the magic of heart.
Krishna Chaitanya.

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A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

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